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Thread: Remebering Damage

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    Remebering Damage

    Hello again,
    I come with a question that I have seen answered both
    ways. It would really help if I get the correct answer,
    seeing as cities is coming up, and I have my deck ready.

    Lets use Poliwrath for example:
    For 1 it has focus punch. Focus punch reads,
    "If poliwrath was damaged from an attack during your
    opponents last turn, this attack does nothing".

    So if he was damaged while on the bench during my
    opponents last turn. If I get him active focus punch
    would fail correct?

    I would assume that he knows he was damaged last turn,
    bench or not.

    This could also be in regaurds to the StormFront Electrode.

    Thanks in advanced
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    Right. It would not do any damage, even if the damage was done on the bench.
    Conversely, the new Electrode will Paralyze with its attack even if it had been on the bench last turn.
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