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Thread: What separates the pros from the above average?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Archetype View Post
    Uh... the people who "pick up a deck and win" can do so BECAUSE they've played so much that they're familiar with game-mechanics AND the cards themselves.

    They're NOT playing the cards for the first time, they're just playing your deck for the first time.

    No practice/experience = Average Player at best.

    Or how it's spelled, ha-ha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by afstandopleren
    1/ Am I, as European, living in a future for Americans? 2/ how about forcing experienced players to use non-donk decks and force newbies to play CHamp, Kingdra and other Donk decks? 3/ ...Kingdra failed during BRs. 4/ ^^^There is luck involved in Chess

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    Adam Vernola put it best, "100 people think they're in the top 25"
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    "100 players think they're in the top 25." ~ Adam Vernola

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthPika View Post
    I think my brother falls into that last category.
    ...which of the 4,000 Miles Bros. are you talking about?
    Quote Originally Posted by ryanvergel View Post
    No one cares about what bad deck you are testing. You are a very new senior and are a blip on no one's radar. You could reveal your exact deck and list and nothing would change.
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    Yeah there might be a lotttt of above average players, but there's only 100 or less really really good players.
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    1. 60% or better flips
    2. Endorsements
    3. Good Accessories (ie - bandanas, goofy hats, etc.)

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    Nothing, you've either got the talent or you haven't. Now some things will potentially stop a talented player from succeeding, but not the other way around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnechu View Post
    Yeah there might be a lotttt of above average players, but there's only 100 or less really really good players.
    I really think the number of really good is around 75 not 100.

    75 top ranked players that could win Nats/Worlds on any give year.

    What about the players who can't go to Nats or Worlds? Do you rank them as really good or Top 75 if they do well at their Regionals?

    That's why I hope they really keep top cut at Nats @ 64 because then it fells like the games best are going at in a years best tournament at least in the US. Maybe out of those 64 about 5 would be "out of place" by either donking their way there or getting really lucky and having favorable match-ups throughout the day. Kind of like March Madness, but in Pokemon. In basketball though their are probably really around 12 teams that are legit contenders.
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    I think that one thing that shows your mastery of the game is your ability to analyze the weaknesses of the current metagame and make a counter or rogue deck, and/or the ability to analyze your opponent's play (particulary in best of 3 matches) and exploit it to your advantage. This could be something as simple as realizing how to bait them into giving you what you want with a Marley's, or something bigger such as paying attention to what cards they run and maybe keeping track of something such as how many Unown G's you think they run.

    First and third, however, may be entirely separated by luck. For example, I was in a T4 match at Cities last Saturday. Game 1 I won, Game 2 I got donked T1 (yes, he was playing Machamp :/), and Game 2 came down to 2 coin flips. We both had 1 prize left as time was called, his Machamp Lv. X knocked out my Gengar with Strong-Willed, I got tails on the Fainting Spell flip, brought up a benched Mesprit Lv. X, hit him for 300 (weakness/body ftw!), and he got heads for the game (he ko'd me with take out). This match came down to coin flips, and I had a 75% chance to win, yet I still lost. No amount of skill could have made up for that. Also, the T1 donk game 2 was pretty annoying...
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