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Thread: 2009-4-4 Dialga PL 6/127

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    2009-4-4 Dialga PL 6/127

    2009-4-4 Dialga PL 6/127
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    1st post

    Where is the card at

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    good card 2nd yay
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    Dialga Lv. 70
    Time Aura
    As long as Dialga is your active Pokemon, your opponent can't play any Pokemon from his or her hand to evolve his or her active Pokemon.
    colorless Metal Burn 100
    Discard all energy attached to Dialga.
    Weakness +20
    Resistance -20
    Retreat Cost colorless


    This card seems very bad to me - I will be surprised is anyone dares play this during regionals...
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    This might've made an interesting tech, if it had been released earler. Now, among all the Basic-Heavy decks such as Legos, Toolbox, along with Gigas and AMU, this card does nothing against some of the biggest decks in the format. Plus the attack is slow and costs you at least two energy.


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    Why so harsh.

    This stops Claydol from getting played along many other lineups.


    Whoops misread the card... thanks FLCLFANMAN...
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    Active pokes. Your opponent not gonna evolve Dol as an active.

    Great for stopping Kingdra,Gengar, and champ donks


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    What is this, spam CotD day? lol

    Anyways, this is one of three (where there that many Dialga in this set? lol) Dialgas up for review; besides Dialga G (which oddly isn't included so far), this is the second best regular Dialga in the set. 100 HP is good for a Basic Pokemon, +20 Weakness to is fine since decks aren't that common these days (and better than Dialga PT #5's x2 Weakness), -20 Resistance to is always good, and colorless to Retreat is...well, better than colorless:colorless I guess. Time Aura (its Poke-Body) is ok if you get him active early enough, being able to stop your opponent from evolving their Active Pokemon (even temporarily) is good and can let you set up in turn. Metal Burn is expensive for colorless for 100, and you have to discard all attached to Dialga. Not worth it at all...

    Modified - 1/10 (Any Dialga without G in its name is usually worthless, and this is no exception)
    Limited - 8/10 (If you start with him, you can hopefully stall long enough to either set up your own Pokemon or else get enough energy on to use Metal Burn and ideally OHKO)
    Unlimited - 1/10 (No use, Poke-Body is done better by other Pokemon and its attack sucks)
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    Body isn't good because it only stops evolving the active Pokemon. Attack would be better if it only would discard 2 energies. The worst Dialga from Platinum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLCLFANMAN View Post
    Active pokes. Your opponent not gonna evolve Dol as an active.

    Great for stopping Kingdra,Gengar, and champ donks

    ...except for the fact that Rare Candy supercedes the PokeBody.

    This card is just not useful when 50% of all evolutions come from Rare Candy if they're not on the bench. Pretty much 90% of active evolutions are from Rare Candy, and the attack is just grotesque. Could be... ok in a Magnezone deck, but I wouldn't run it.

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    Actually, i wouldn't think that Rare Candy stops it, cause you still have to play a Pokemon from your hand to evolve the active pokemon, which is what Time Aura stops...hmm

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