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Thread: Power Cry

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    Power Cry

    Pokemon 21

    1-0-1 Ampharos pt
    1-1 Palkia g lv.x
    3-3 Manectric pt
    2 Houndoom g pt
    2 Crobat g pt
    1 Toxicroak g pt
    1 Skuntank g pt
    1 Bronzong g pt
    1 Uxie la
    1 Azelf la
    1 Unown g ge
    1 Mesprit la

    Trainer's, Supporters, and Stadium's 29

    1 luxury ball
    1 speed stadium
    1 moonlight stadium
    1 lake boundary
    2 super scoop up
    2 rare candy
    3 poke turn
    3 energy gain
    3 cyrus's conspiracy
    4 power spray
    4 bebe's search
    4 roseanne's research

    Energies 10

    4 electric
    3 dark
    2 Water
    1 psychic

    Strategy- The strategy is to totally power lock your opponets powers, so houndoom is to counter dialga g, toxicroak is to counter machamp and that's the deck any comments or suggestions are welcome thx guys-Mamoswine42
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    well, this might ruin the strategy you want to have, but i think 1-1 Palkia G or 2-1 with a couple mesprit would make this deck what you want it to be. Try -1 Hound -1 Toxi and -1 Skunk for + 1-1 Palkia G + 1 Mesprit, then you might even wanna add a tech Zam X, PlayDoh is the funnest deck i've evr used. the deck is pretty nice the way it is, but it could lock powers better with mesprits.
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    all right i'll try it out and see how it goes thx-Mamoswine42
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    I think you can take out the manectric line up and focus more on Palkia g. and ampharos.

    Palkia g. spread, so benched Pokemon are damaged and can't use there power due to ampharos.
    Crobat g. can also put damage counters on Pokemon with powers.

    With more g. Pokemon you have better chance to early power spray your opponent.

    This is why i think manectric is useless.

    -3.3 manectric
    +2 Palkia g.
    +1.2.1 ampharos

    If you try this, you don't need electric energies (or only 2 max), and you have room for more water energies or for call energy.
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