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005 Xerneas
006 Yveltal
007 Xerneas EX
009 Garchomp EX
011 Skiddo
012 Honedge
014 Trevenant
015 Slurpuff
017 Charizard EX
018 Chesnaught EX
019 Delphox EX
020 Greninja EX
026 Pyroar
HGSS14 Lapras
HGSS15 Shuckle
N001 Spoink
N002 Gourgeist
N003 Arbok
N004 Bunnelby
N005 Psychic Energy
N006 Psychic Energy
N007 Psychic Energy
N008 Psychic Energy
N009 Psychic Energy
N010 Psychic Energy
N011 Pumpkaboo
N012 Noibat
N013 Noivern
N014 Pokemon Catcher
N015 Potion
N016 Ekans
N017 Psychic Energy
N018 Pumpkaboo
N019 Darkness Energy
N020 Furfrou
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