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Pokemon Buisness

Added by lolganium
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  Description for Pokemon Buisness

Description by lolganium


how serious are you?

Comments for Pokemon Buisness (8)

  1. #1 charmander rox
    Nice. Some people don't realize how complicated one video game can be.
  2. #2 starcharge
    Wow. This is one well thought-out game.
  3. #3 zap1996
    inever really felt like doing that much work to catch one pokemon.
  4. #4 zap1996
    i never really felt like doing that much work to catch one pokemon.
  5. #5 zap1996
    i never went through all that just to catch one pokemon
  6. #6 metricus
    Thats awesome.

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  7. #7 homeofmew
    that equation need to be longer/harder..
  8. #8 silent swordsman LV3
    ..and thats only the catch rate =0
  9. #9 prophet1986
    .... imagine what it would be like to see the chances of finding a shiny ditto in diamond...
  10. #10 smpratte
    The Master Ball catch rate equation is so much easier
  11. #11 gallade
    I told my class this in algebra class once, we were just going over parabolas and I rattled off the equation for catching a pokemon .
  12. #12 zoroark-X
    I has to remember that...