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Pikachu (Delta Species) non foil

Added by Marcello-Milord
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Pikachu (Delta Species) non foil

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  Description for Pikachu (Delta Species) non foil

Description by Marcello-Milord


This Promo 035 "Pikachu (Delta Species)" is oddly non-foil where it was supposed to be foil (just like it appears on the regular EX Value Pack)! This has been found on some folders of italian Promo 020 Pikachu (10th Anniversary) in italian.

Comments for Pikachu (Delta Species) non foil (5)

  1. #1 bulbasnore
    So, is it some, but not all, folders that contain a non-holo?
  2. #2 MPMichael

    This is not an error card. They are original made for the swedish Pokémon magazine. PUI/Trendus has sold this promo card to the swedish Pokémon Magazine. Just Like the Lavitar and Dratini Delta Species, that were sold to the danish and swedish Donald Duck Magazine (See Picture). So both of them (Pikachu and Lavitar/Dratini) are not misprinted, but original Promo cards.
  3. #3 Charizard_Breeder
    so when and where is this promo pika from???
  4. #4 justinator
    If anyone still has this card non holo let me know - I'm interested!
  5. #5 Quuador
    If anyone had this card for sale or know where to get one, I'm definitely interested to add it to my Pikachu card collection.Greetz,Quuador