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Author Topic: An Insane tribute to Wizards Pokemon
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I thought about this a long time ago. A deck using 3 different cards from every set except Southern Islands and reprints. (Like Base2) Using 3 different cards from every wotc set really shows something from every great set. I think this deck is pretty good for the restrcitions I've placed. I will keep trying to make a better one for the new 'Gym but I had to put 1 on this Pokegym before it Explodes in a blaze of glory a few hours from now. ( If the bomb goes off at midnight.) [Eek!] [Eek!]
I added some fun cards like Blaine's Quiz & Here Comes Team Rocket. I added 1 Southern Islands card for represantation.
So here it is Tribute to wotc
Pokemon 20
4 Eevee (1 Jungle 1 Rocket 1 Discovery 1 Promo)
2 Espeon (1 Discovery holo 1 discovery non-holo)
1 Vaporeon jungle
1 Dark Vaporeon rocket
2 Gastly (1 Fossil 1 Destiny)
1 Haunter fossil
1 Gengar fossil
1 Dark Haunter destiny
1 Dark Gengar
2 Suicune (1 revelation Holo 1 Revelation non-holo)
1 Articuno Promo
1 Delibird revelation
1 Surfing Pikachu promo
1 Lapras southern islands
Trainers 23
1 Prof. Oak base
1 Bill base
1 Pokemon Trader base
1 Pokeball jungle
1 Here Comes Team Rocket rocket
1 Blaine's Quiz #1 gym heroes
1 Misty's Duel gym Heroes
1 Brock Gym Heroes
1 Blaine's Quiz #2 Gym Challenge
1 Blaine's Quiz #3 Gym challenge
1 Chaos Gym gym challenge
1 Prof. Elm Genesis
1 Focus Band Genesis
1 Gold Berry genesis
1 Copycat expedition
1 Oak's Research Expediton
1 Switch Expedition
1 Pokemon Fan Club aquapolis
1 Forest Guardian Aquapolis
1 Town Volunteers Aquapolis
1 Oracle Skyridge
1 Mystery Plate A
1 Fisherman
Energy 17
9 Water
8 Psychic
3 of each set, 1 South Islands & 3 Promos. No reprints like Lc or Base2.
My strategy to building this was to take trainers from the sets that had a lot of trainers.(base Genesis) Then I only looked @ Pokemon in the non-trainer dominated sets. This was pretty interesting to make. You guys should try it. There should be a tournament for it. [Big Grin]
So what do you guys think of this insanity. [ROFL]

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