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Author Topic: how Lugia251 Builds a deck Featuring: The New Mr. Wiggls!
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alright, heres how i build a deck. i start by looking at sites that have the card text on them. then, i find a good pokemon to base it around. then, in my head, i have a deck with 3 parts: Pokemon, Trainers and Energy. i start with the pokemon. i decided that i would go with the Expedition Chancey. so, 4 E Chansey. then, for it's attack, to reduce damage to self i'll include 3 unown N. then i notice my weakness is fighting, so i add 3 Scyther(Neo Discovery). so i have a total of 10 cards. then, to defend against the Macargo, i'll include 2 Goldeen(Neo Revelation) and 2 Seaking(Neo Revelation). 2 Promo cleffa, and i have 16 pokemon. i'll fill the other 4 spots with trainers. next i'l pick the energy. i want to be able to power Chansey up really quickly. the energy i need isn't released yet, but i'll save a space for 4 boost energy. lets have 6 grass energy and 6 water energy. so 16 energy. again, i'll fill the 4 spots with trainers. so, heres what i've got so far:
2 cleffa PR
4 Chansey E
3 Unkown N
3 Scyther Neo Disc.
2 Goldeen NR
2 Seaking NR

4 boost energy
6 water energy
6 grass energy

now for my trainers. i need 28, so i'll start with draw power. 4 bill, 3 elm, 2 oaks research, 2 copycat, 3 energy search. 14 trainers. now for healing. at most, Chansey will do 20 damage to self(with unown n in play). so, 4 Berry. i'll also include 4 gold berry for a total of 22 cards. 3 switch, 3 double gust and i'm done. here it is:

16 pokemon:
2 cleffa PR
4 Chansey E
3 Scyther Neo Disc.
3 Unown N
2 Goldeen Neo Reve.
2 Seaking Neo Reve.

28 trainers:
4 bill
3 elm
2 oaks research
2 copycat
3 energy search
4 Berry
4 Gold Berry
3 Double Gust
3 Switch

16 Energy:
4 Boost Energy
6 Grass Energy
6 Water Energy

that's how i build a deck. if i get chansey, a full bench, unown n, and boost energy the first turn, then it's 50 for my opponent.

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