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Author Topic: Ground Wire 2.1 (Modified)

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Ground Wire 2.1
DCI Modified Tournament Legal

Pokémon: 22
1 Tyrouge (Neo Descovery)
1 Hitmonlee (e-Expedition)
1 Hitmontop (Promo #37)
1 Hitmonchan (Neo Destiny)
3 Geodude (Neo Revelation)
1 Graveler (e-Expedition)
1 Graveler (Neo Revelation)
1 Golem (Legendary/Fossil)

3 Electabuzz (Best #1)
2 Pikachu (e-Expedition)
1 Raichu (e-Expedition)
1 Elekid (Neo Genesis)
1 Zapdos (Legendary/Base Set)
1 Zapdos (Promo #23)
1 Raikou (Neo Revelation)

1 Cleffa (Promo #31)
1 Igglybuff (Promo #36

Energy: 20
10 Basic Electric Energy
10 Basic Fighting Energy

Trainers: 18
1 Energy Stadium (Neo Destiny)
1 Bill's Maintenance (e-Expedition)
4 Bill (Legendary/Base Set)
2 Professor Elm's Training Method (e-Expedition)
2 Moo-Moo Milk (e-Expedition)
3 Switch (e-Expedition/Base Set)
2 Potions (e-Expedition)
3 Copycat (e-Epedition)

Well, now that Expedition is out and I finaly started buying boosters, My Ground Wire Deck needed a much over due Upgrade. Its pretty much based around the same strategy as my first Ground Wire Deck, only that now I've replace some of the cards with new ones from e-Expedition and added some new Pokémon (and removed some). And now that Electabuzz is Modified legal again thanks to the new Best Promo Set, the Electric side of the deck got just a bit stronger. Also, this is the first time I try a 1/3 deck construction scheme (1/3 Pokémon, 1/3 Energy, and 1/3 Trainers).

Now to test this puppy out this Saterday with IPGeek21 at his tourny.

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