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Author Topic: Dark Unown v2.0 (Unlimited)
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posted August 08, 2003 12:41 PM      Profile for dkates      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
This is an updated version of a deck I posted about a month ago. It's a Dark/Psychic deck, more strategy info below.

Pokemon (14):
1 Aerodactyl (Fossil) [Prevent evolution to Steelix/Wigglytuff/Slowking]
1 Cleffa (Genesis) [The usual reasons]
1 Cleffa (Promo) [Oracle combo]
1 Ditto (Fossil) [Copy big hitters, esp. Sneasel]
1 Mewtwo EX (EX: R&S) [Power, high HP]
2 Murkrow (Genesis) [Snipe the bench]
2 Sneasel (Genesis) [Attack power]
2 Tyrogue (Discovery) [Attacking Baby]
1 Unown A [Unown combo, described below]
1 Unown P [Unown combo, described below]
1 Unown X [Unown combo, described below]

Trainers (32):
2 Computer Search [Deck search]
3 Focus Band [Usual reasons]
3 Fossil Egg [Bring out Aerodactyl]
3 Gold Berry [Healing, esp. Mewtwo EX]
2 Gust of Wind [Choose my target]
2 Item Finder [Re-use Trainers]
2 Oracle [Oracle deck-search combo]
2 PlusPower [Give my attacks a boost]
2 Pokemon Fan Club [Support for Sneasel or Unown combo]
2 Power Charge [Energy discard rescue]
2 Professor Oak [Draw Power]
3 Super Energy Removal [Slow down opponent]
2 Switch [Retreats]
2 Town Volunteers [Discard rescue: Basic Energy/Pokemon]

Energy (14):
4 Darkness Energy [Sneasel/Murkrow]
2 Double Colorless Energy [Ditto]
5 Psychic Energy [Unowns, Mewtwo EX, miscellaneous]
2 Rainbow Energy [Sneasel/Murkrow backup, Unown A]
1 Recycle Energy [SER, Retreats, Tyrogue, Cleffa]

Strategy: Get out Aerodactyl quickly to keep opponent from using Stage 1's, but don't attack with it. Main attackers are Mewtwo EX, Sneasel, and Unown P. Use SER, Computer Search, Item Finder, maybe even Oak to get Energy in the discard for Mewtwo EX. Ditto with Double Colorless can use opponents' attacks, but watch out for the switch-out to kill strategy. Murkrow snipes the bench, especially if I can Mean Look a Cleffa. Since I use only Basics (other than Aerodactyl), Aerodactyl should give me a distinct advantage.
The Unown combo works as follows: Get Unown X on the bench, Unown A with Focus Band (optional) and as many damage counters as I can afford, and Unown P Active with Focus Band. Let P take a hit. If Focus Band triggers, Hidden Power is powered up by all three Unowns' Powers -- it can end up being 40 + flips + damage taken, which is pretty impressive for a one-energy attack.

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