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Author Topic: ++Legendary Kicking of Your Life! Version 0.01++ (MMF)
Big JaJa Poof
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++Legendary Kicking of Your Life! Version 0.01++
~Pokemon (14)
[4x] Growlithe [evolve]
[3x] Arcanine [not just clean,] [Devilish]
[3x] Holo Entei [spEEd]
[3x] Cleffa [Just 1337-age]
[1x] Elekid [Playful Punch is pwnage against Water]

~Trainers (26)
[4x] Professor Elm [Draw]
[4x] Bill [Draw]
[4x] Professor Oak's Research [Draw] [Devilish]
[3x] Pokemon Trader [Search]
[3x] Gold Berry [Heal]
[3x] Double Gust [KO]
[2x] Focus Band [Anti-OHKOs]
[2x] Scoop Up [Awesome]
[1x] Healing Fields [Heal]
[1x] Time Capsule [Recover]

~Energy (20)
[16x] Fire [Fuel]
[4x] Metal [Takedown...]

[Strategy a.k.a A Godly Hand]
Turn1: A Growlithe with Metal and Gold Berry attached, search for the Entei, get a minimum of 2 Fire energy via Howl.

Turn2: Attach Metal again, evolve into Arcanine, and start DBGing w/ Healing Fields to maintain control. The Scoop Ups take care of gusting/retreating/Pichu problems.

There aren't any BLARING weaknesses of this deck, not even water, per say. So I am confident I can make this work, and everyone SHOULD know it has been proven powerful already.

[Side Notations]
-The DBG/Scoop Up combo works great.

-Theoretically, it is immune to Pichu, with Scoop up,Gold Berry,and Metal energy. So the Enteis are all good.

[Why I picked Arcanine?]
-It is Vastly superior. Why? Does Ninetales have 100 HP? IS Typhlosion a Stage 1 Pokémon than can start dealing 70 straight damage on turn 2? Arcanine IS the superior Pokémon in this choice, but it may be evenly matched with Magcargo, considering the damage can be chosen, not a given.

"Dude, 16 energy? For Howl to be AT ALL effective, 20 is the MINIMUM."-Dark Psyduck commenting on my deck

I'm wondering if this is correct based on Entei players experience. I'm new to Entei. [NoNoNo]

Could you at least tell me if this is a good start?

Edited - Your choice of some words was in poor taste. Please use better words next time (though one does not have a better choice to choose from, so just don't use that one at all). Thanks

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