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Author Topic: Skyridge Deck: Ancient Ownage (Pretty Nifty)

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posted March 10, 2003 02:02 PM      Profile for Gymbo   Email Gymbo    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
After getting the hookup from a friend with the Skyridge Spoilers. I read through the list and had an idea. I think the idea is pretty nifty, and I will present the list to you right

Ancient Ownage: Rough Draft
Modified Format˛

Pokemon: 20
4 Underground Fossil
4 Omanyte (Skyridge)
4 Omastar (3 Skyridge/1 Discovery)
2 Murkrow
2 Cleffa
2 Tyrogue
2 Pichu

Energy: 16
13 Water
3 Darkness

Trainers: 24
4 Professor Elm
4 Pokemon Trader
4 Double Gust
3 Copycat
3 Gold Berry
3 Focus Band
1 Professor Oak's Research
1 Underground Stadium
1 Town Volunteers

Strategy: The new Omastar from Skyridge is pretty nifty. It's PokeBody prevents the opponent from evolving. The Omantye has an attack for C that allows you to evolve the Omantye the same turn it was played. So that's a second turn Omastar. The Underground Fossil is pretty sweet too. Omastar's attack is good it's a solid WWC for 50 and prevention of retreat. Murkrow comes into play for a couple reasons. First I use Darkness Energy with Omanyte also to pull babies in for the KO. Plus I need some sort of supporting Pokemon. Murkrow is a nice choice there. The Discovery Omastar is Fighting that uses Water Energy so I can counter my weakness to Electric. Underground Stadium also allows for even more Omantye action and fun. There you go. Any thoughts? Thank in advance for the replies!

Underground Fossil 30 HP
Evolves into Omanyte, Kabuto, or Aerodactyl

You can evolve Underground Fossil into any card that evolves from Mysterious Fossil. Underground Fossil can?t become affected by any Special Conditions.

Pokemon Power: Self-Recreation: Once during your turn (before yourattack), if there are any Basic Energy cards in your hand, you may search your deck for an Evolution card named Omanyte or Kabuto, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Then, choose 1 Basic Energy card in your hand, show it to your opponent, and shuffle it into your deck.

Weakness: -
Resistance: -
Retreat Cost: 1

Omanyte 60 HP Water Pokemon
Stage 1 From Mysterious Fossil

C: Evolutionary Water: If you have any Omastars in your hand, choose 1 of them and put it on Omanyte. (This counts as Evolving Omanyte.)

WC: Drag Off: 20 Before doing damage, if your opponent has any Benched Pokémon,
you may choose 1 of them and switch it with the Defending Pokémon. Do the damage to the new Defending Pokémon.

Weakness: Electric
Resistance: -
Retreat: C

Omastar 90 HP Water Pokemon
Stage 2 Evolves from Omanyte

PokeBody: Prehistoric Gaze: As long as Omastar is your Active Pokémon, the Defending Pokémon can?t evolve except from effects of attacks of attacks, Pokémon Powers, or PokéBodies.

WWC: Wind Around: 50 The Defending Pokémon can?t Retreat during your opponent?s next turn.

Weakness: Electric
Resistance: -
Retreat: CC

Trainer Card
Underground Stadium

This card stays in play when you play it. Discard this card if another Stadium comes into play. Once during each player?s turn (before attacking), if that player has any Evolution cards named Omanyte or Kabuto in his or her discard pile, that player may flip a coin. If heads, that player takes 1 of those cards and puts it onto his or her Bench. Treat the new card as a Basic Pokémon.

~Jim Ferrell

=Pokemon Professor Jim Ferrell=

*AKA The Publically Acclaimed and Talented Deck Mechanic Gymbo*
*Accomplished Rogue Player*
*Second Place Finisher at the Ohio SBZ '03*
*Creator of Espeon Decks*
*Innovator of Expedition Feraligatr*
*Current Project: Skyridge Analysis*

DCI: 2032
AIM: XGymbo01X

"Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake."

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posted March 10, 2003 04:01 PM      Profile for Mudkip   Email Mudkip    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
this deck looks pretty solid, i would reduce the omanyte and omastar to a 3-3 line and add in 2 bill's maintenance for extra drawing power, also have you seen the translation for the skyridge kabutops?, i think it is better than the omanyte as it doesn't let your opponent evolve the bench, just mean look a baby with murkrow or mean look anything and you're opponent will have a hard time evolving his pokemon....
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posted March 10, 2003 06:08 PM      Profile for Spectreon      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
My only suggestion, and purely for speed purposes, Fossil Egg. Flip, heads, play Omynite, then attack, evolving to Star on turn 1, assuming you have Omystar in hand.

To evolve, treat Eevee poorly, when it hates your guts, let it get ko'ed in th night while holding Spell Tag. PS, if it gets ko'ed outin the day, then it will die, go visit its grave in Soul House of Lavender, next to Fuji

Spectreon: The Scary Ghost Pokemon

Spectreon often haunt graveyards, sneaking up and scaring unsuspecting visitors

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