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Author Topic: My first deck since my return to Pokemon: Turbotops(please review)
Paladin Charger
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posted June 25, 2002 11:06 AM      Profile for Paladin Charger   Email Paladin Charger    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Hi everyone. Three days ago, I decided to return to the game of Pokemon(I left right before Neo 2). Before I quit, I used Neo2 Kabutops in our unofficial tourneys, and not only did I have a lot of fun with him, he rocked. So, the first thing that came to mind for my first deck was him(and he was out in the U.S. this time!). After searching the boards for info on the metagame, I found out that this was a deck being established for MMF. So, after much study, I bring to you:


Pokemon: 16
2x Omanyte (Neo 2;Just in case of Slowbro)
3x Kabutops (Neo 2;Big hitter)
2x Magmar (Neo 1;TeCh against grass)
1x Tyrogue (Looking for something better)
3x Pichu (Do I really need an explanation?)
2x Elekid (OHKO Vs. Squirtles)
3x Cleffa (Card advantage)

Trainers: 29
3x Mysterious Fossil (Evolve)
2x Fossil Egg (Hate the card, but needed against Slobro)
2x Pokemon Breeder (Evolve)
4x Professor Elm (Card advantage)
4x Bill (Card Advantage)
3x Mary (not as good as Bill or Oak, but it'll do)
4x Double Gust (Duh)
3x Gold Berry (Will work Wonders with Kabutops)
2x Focus Band (Need with all the babies)
2x Balloon Berry (Standard)
1x Pokemon Trader (Make sure you have who you want, when you need it)

Energy: 14
10x Fighting Energy
4x Recycle Energy

Get out a turn two Kabutops, and beatdown. Any other details covered above.

Oh, and I have a quick question: Can you use Japanese cards in official tourneys, and what is the quickest way to find a sanctioned store near you?

Help is appreciated,
Paladin Charger

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posted June 25, 2002 11:21 AM      Profile for GLADIATOR      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Welcome Back PC! I'm sorry but japanese cards are rarely alowed in legal tournements. Now for the Deck!

Well, you will need some kabuto, I don't really care that breeder is fast, You will still need a back up plan, so:

-3 mary -you have good enough draw already.
+2 kabuto - back up.
+1 fighting energy

Good luck.
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