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Author Topic: It's not easy being green - version 1.2(MMF)
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posted June 24, 2002 12:53 AM      Profile for Samurai   Email Samurai    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Eh, so I finally decided to crack and build a MMF deck; however, I'm not giving up on grass just yet! [Angel]

12 Grass
3 Recycle
2 Metal
3 Prof. Elm
2 Bill(Welcome home, Bill!)
2 Pokemon Trader
2 Pokemon Center
2 Double Gust
2 Focus Band
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Energy Stadium
2 Lucky Stadium
2 Gold Berry
2 Hoppip(Neo-1)
2 Hoppip(Neo-2)
4 Skiploom(Neo-1)
4 Jumpluff(Neo-3)
2 Scyther(Neo-2)
2 Miltank(Neo-1)
2 Smeargle(Neo-2)
2 Wooper(Neo-1)
2 Cleffa(Neo-1)

Overview: This deck sticks pretty well to my traditional strategy of VERY SLOW matches, usually winning either on time or via the opponent decking themselves....

Jumpluff(The deck's main theme) and Scyther can lay some real hurt down on grass-weak Pokemon; the latter, admittedly needing a friendly coin to do it's share.... [Big Grin]

Wooper is tech vs fire, Miltank stalls like all get-out with a few metals on, and Smeargle makes any big hitters usually thnik twice before attacking one of the painter's allies.

Lots of card drawing power paired with immense energy efficiency makes for a very durable deck despite no Pokemon having over whattaya think? [Smile]

===edit=== A new friend pointed out an embarrassing mistake which has since been corrected.... [Wink]

[ June 24, 2002, 04:36 AM: Message edited by: Samurai ]

When in doubt, be ruthless....

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posted June 24, 2002 04:38 AM      Profile for PlayaHatinHommie420   Email PlayaHatinHommie420    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
ok i like the idea of the deck but here are my fixes to it:
- 2 metal ( u dont need them u r going to die to fire any way )
- 2 warp point (they arent allowed in mmf)
- 2 energy retrevial
- 2 miltank
- 2 wooper
- 2 scyther
- 2 smeargle
- 2 gold berry
- 3 skiploom
= 19 cards
and add:
2 double gusts
1 cleffa
3 pichu
4 focus
1 elm
2 bill
3 breeder
3 trader
=19 cards
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