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Author Topic: A Magneton deck - Looking for ideas
Dark and Vile

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posted March 01, 2003 07:55 PM      Profile for Dark and Vile   Email Dark and Vile    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Here's what I've got...

Pokemon (16)
4 Elekid
4 Magnemite (Aquapolis)
3 Magneton (Revelation)
1 Magneton (LC)
3 Cleffa
1 Tyrogue

Trainers (28)
3 Town Volunteer
3 Professor Elm
3 Double Gust
4 Focus Band
3 Lightning Cube
2 Professor Oak’s Research
2 Pokemon Nurse
3 Juggler
3 Bill
2 Energy Stadium

Energy (16)
14 Lighting
2 Warp Energy

Strategy: First, Juggler let's you put energy in the discard pile so it can be (a) pulled back in by Magneton and (b) picked up by Energy Stadium (if you wish).

Second, Magneton's (Revelation) power allows you to move energy (basic and special) between all the Magnetmites and Magnetons. Using this, you can move the energy away, heal using Pokemon Nurse, and move the energy back.

Third, Lightning cube is a great supplemental attack. You can use it with any lightning Pokemon - Magnetmite, Magneton (LC), or Elekid. Magnetmite and Magneton benefit from the Revelation Magneton's power of moving as much energy as you like onto the Pokemon using Lightning Cube. Elekid has the benefit of being a baby (and, with a focus, likely to survive a post-Lightning Cube attack from your opponent).

I've play tested this a BZ and had decent success. Surprisingly, I get less benefit from the Pokemon Nurse scenario (which I why I only have 2 in this deck) than I do from using Lightning Cube with Elekid.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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posted March 02, 2003 06:53 AM      Profile for Spectreon      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
the only thing I can really think of to modify the deck is Metal Energy, and 1 AQ Magneton. Its power is pretty solid in itself.

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