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Author Topic: The Modified Anti-Archetype Deck
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posted December 17, 2002 01:37 PM      Profile for lugia251   Email lugia251    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Even though 3 types don't usually work well together, this can be an exception. i thought about the 3 big decks: Kingdra, Macargo/Entei, and Crobat/Muk, and i wanted to make it so i could do it with alot of cards i already had. so, here it is:
16 Pokemon:
2 cleffa PR
2 Vulpix LC
2 Ninetails LC
2 Seel LC
2 Dewgong LC
2 Eevee LC
1 Dark Espeon
1 Elekid

25 trainers:
4 bill
3 elm
3 double gust
3 switch
3 energy search E
3 energy stadium
2 pokemon trader
2 time capsule

18 energy:
7 fire energy
7 water energy
7 psycic energy

since all my evolutions are stage 1, this deck is easy to get going once i find out what my opponents pokemon are. even though Ninetails is weak to Kingdra, i found it is the best way to beat it. kingdra has 90 hp, and i can use flamethrower, and elekid to finish it off. i use Dewgong against Entei/Cargo, so i have a type advantage, and can attack on turn 3. Dark Espeon is for use against Crobat/muk. this deck isn't affected by muk because it doesn't rely on pokemon powers. and both those pokemon are weak to psycic.

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posted December 17, 2002 06:28 PM      Profile for EmperorTopazJosh   Email EmperorTopazJosh    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
It may be a better Idea to use weaknesses if you have colorless attacks. Also, you may want to cut the Ninetails or Dewgong lines because they need at least 2 certain energy(Oh, and Ninetails has Fire BLAST, not Flamethrower. Even if the blast works, they would havve 10 hp remaining.)

I think this would be a better deck:

2x cleffa
3x Growlithe (Destiny)
3x Arcanine (ya just can't beat him
3x Eevee LC
2x Dark espeon

-your trainers are ok, but don't forget you can use the new supporters, so try them out.

10x fire energy
9x psychic energy
2x recycle energy

It's OK if Dewgong leaves because the Dark Espeons would do 10 to each Pokemon for every energy card attached. Entei/cargo tends to super-energize their Pokemon, allowing heavy damage. Just remember that Psyshot is not effected by weakness or resistance, so a crobat/Muk deck may not suffer.

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posted December 17, 2002 06:41 PM      Profile for TheAnswer3      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
I dunno dude i dont think that will work=0 try this:

Anti Arcetype
3 Cleffa
4 Eevee
2 Espeon(Anti Crobat)
2 Dark Vaporeon(Colorless attack messes with Cargo)
2 Tyrouge
2 Electabuzz?
1 Pichu
4 Professor Elm
4 Copycat
4 Double Gust
4 Focus band
3 Pokemon Trder
2 Gold Berry
1 Time Capsule
1 Bosse's way
1 Scoop up
9 Psychic
5 Electric
3 recycle
3 rainbow
I think that would work better Good luck

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