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Author Topic: Another Skyridge deck (hope you don't care gymbo)...
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posted March 10, 2003 04:29 PM      Profile for Mudkip   Email Mudkip    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Okay after revising all of the translations of ecard 4 and 5, i came up with this deck which I think has alot of potential.

Pokemon: 18

3 abra (Sky)
3 Kadabra (Sky)
3 Alakazam (Sky)
3 Tentacool (AQ)
2 Tentacruel (AQ)
2 Cleffa
1 Tyrogue
1 Elekid

Trainers: 28

4 elm
4 copycat
4 double gust
3 trader
3 gold berry
2 focus band
3 bill's maintenance
3 bill
1 town volunteers
1 pokemon fan club

energy: 14

11 psychic
3 recycle

Strategy: This alakazam is like discovery espeon but with more hp, thatis why i like it, plus it power gives you an advantage when preparing the second alakazam. the tentacruel is there to add energys to the dending pokemon so i can deal more damage with psychic


Abra 40 HP (P)
Basic Pokémon
(Poké-BODY) Psy-Flow
As long as there are any (P)
Energy cards attached to Abra, you
pay no Energy cost to retreat
(CC) Headbutt 20_
Weakness Resistance Retreat Cost
(P) -(C)
Keiko Fukuyama 040/088 Common

Kadabra 70 HP (P)
Stage 1 Evolves from Abra
(C) Nightmare 10
The Defending Pokémon is now
(PCC) Mind Shock 40
Don’t apply Weakness and
Resistance. _
Weakness Resistance Retreat Cost
(P) -(C)
Toshinao Aoki 041/088 Uncommon

Alakazam 100 HP (P)
Stage 1 Evolves from Kadabra
(Poké-POWER) Energy Switch
Once during your turn (before your
attack), if you have any other
Pokémon in play, you may take 1
Energy card, if any, attached to 1
of your Pokémon and attach it to
another 1 of your Pokémon. This
power can’t be used if Alakazam is
affected by a Special Conditions.
(CCC) Psychic 30+
Does 30 damage plus 10 damage
times the number of Energy cards
attached to the Defending
Pokémon. _
Weakness Resistance Retreat Cost
(P) -(CC)
Kimiya Masago 042/088 Rare

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posted March 11, 2003 06:23 AM      Profile for Gymbo   Email Gymbo    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Okay, I too saw this card and was interested at first. However once I thought about it, the Alakazam from Expedition is still superior. I mean this Kazam is sweet nonetheless, it has Psychic for 30+ (Espyesque, no?) for a pure colorless attack. Since Psychic is Colorless, and Kadabra's Psyshock requires only ONE Psychic Energy, and Kazam's Power lets you move energy around you should play some other energy type, such as mabye...I dunno Water so you can play Mantine. You could also play some Fire and play some Fire Pokemon to counter Metal. My whole point is that you need backup. Espy/AQ Tentacruel didn't work, so Alakazam/Tentacruel won't work. The only difference between the two decks is that you must play a Stage 2 compared to Espy's Stage 1 which means wasted space. Cut the Tentacruel, it just isn't worth it. In cases where you play against Metal Pokemon, giving them back their Metals would HELP them. It just isn't worth it. The combo is alright, but 6 spaces to do it is too much. Also, you really should play one Ex Kazam. Doing such will help you vs Kingdra since Kingdra owns Espy because Kingdra plays low Energy. And to go along with this idea, play a couple LC Kadabra. Against Kingdra, PsyMimic Genetic Memory and use LC Kadabra's attack to deal 50. It owns Kingdra. You also need some sort of Psy Resistant Poke to counter Resistance. Murkrow is usually the Pokemon of choice, but you don't need it. Go with a single Discovery Smeargle. That card is mad tricks.


Psy From the Sky
Modified Format˛

Pokemon: 19
4 Abra (Skyridge)
4 Kadabra (2 Skyridge/2 LC)
3 Alakazam (2 Skyridge/1 Expedition)
2 Mantine (Destiny)
2 Cleffa
2 Tyrogue
1 Smeargle (Discovery)
1 Elekid

Energy: 16
7 Psychic
5 Water
4 Rainbow

Trainers: 25
4 Professor Elm
4 Double Gust
4 Pokemon Trader
3 Copycat
3 Gold Berry
2 Focus Band
2 Pokemon Fan Club
1 Professor Oak's Research
1 Energy Stadium
1 Town Volunteers

There ya go buddy. Good luck and I hope I've helped. Also, no offense taken about you posting a Skyridge deck. Why would I care? It's good that people are taking ideas and trying new things instead of cookie-cutting Scizor decks. I appreciate original and Rogue ideas. Keep up the good work.

~Jim Ferrell

=Pokemon Professor Jim Ferrell=

*AKA The Publically Acclaimed and Talented Deck Mechanic Gymbo*
*Accomplished Rogue Player*
*Second Place Finisher at the Ohio SBZ '03*
*Creator of Espeon Decks*
*Innovator of Expedition Feraligatr*
*Current Project: Skyridge Analysis*

DCI: 2032
AIM: XGymbo01X

"Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake."

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Member # 122005

posted March 11, 2003 04:31 PM      Profile for Mudkip   Email Mudkip    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
thanks gymbo, i didn't think you would care, just tried to be sure you didn't care.... well yeah you're right, and now that i think about it, id rather use ex alakazam with tentacruel than this guy, well thanks alot....
From: Mexico D.F | Registered: Jan 2003  |  IP: Logged

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