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Author Topic: No pain - no gain

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posted December 21, 2002 12:27 PM      Profile for ScythKing   Email ScythKing    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Hi folks. Decided to do something fun this week and make a very strange deck. Played it today at League and it won both games I played with it, but I was sweating! First the deck, then strategy, then the problems I encountered.

No Pain - No Gain

3 Abra LC
2 Kadabra LC
2 Alakazam LC
3 Machop Exp
2 Machoke Exp
3 Machamp Exp
3 Cleffa
2 Tyrouge
3 Wobuffet
(23) - a lot!
(get out of jam trainers)
2 Dbl Gust (I debated on this or a Warp)
2 Switch
(fix the hurt trainers)
2 Gold Berry
2 Pokemon Nurse
(go find 'em trainers)
2 Elm Training Method
2 Trader
2 Breeder
(card draw)
2 Elm
2 Oak research
2 Magnifier - resistance detour
6 Psychic
3 rainbow
8 fighting
Strategy - hopefully get out 2 wobuffet, 1 cleffa, 1 machamp, 1 Alakazam. Use damage swap to spread damage out to all pokemon. Use Iron Fist for 50 to 110 damage (coin flip tho...)
My first game I had a heck of a time, Tyrogue took out my cleffa before I even got to use it, I managed to get out alakazam, but the tyrouge was consistant enough to load up my wobuffets before I finally managed to get the machamp powered up and out. Then Machamp just stomped the crap out of the other guy.
Second game - got all the wrong pokemon out at the wrong times (alakazam - no breeder or kadabra) 2 machamps in hand - no machop). Fortunately for me the other guy didn't do too much better - I got the machamp out before he got his charizards out.

So - interesting concept, but as I knew it would be - a pain to play with two stage 2's. Any ideas? I found I did not have enough damage control and sweated where to move the damage to - I'd a been in real trouble with Umbreon or Krow.
I also feel I had trouble getting the big guys out - but that may have been the stress as I did indeed get them out - just not as fast as I'd like...
Some ideas I'm going to try:
-2 magnifiers
+2 Pokemon centers
-1 Cleffa
-1 psychic
+1 trader
+1 elm

-=>* ScythKing *<=-
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