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Author Topic: Questions on Pokemon with powers & attacks of others
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Rule #14 states -
Any continual Pokemon Power that specifies "your opponent" will affect BOTH teammates on the opposing team (such as Slowking's Mind Games). Any continual Pokemon Power that specifies "your Pokemon" will effect both you AND your teammate (such as Dodrio's Retreat Aid).

Does this mean that 1 player can have an Unown D on their bench & it protects their partner as well? It sounds like it to me.

A player with TR's Meowth with an Unown N on their or their partners bench would also be covered by the power of N. Awesome. Same for Dark Ursaring. A possible bench killer upgraded.

Other Pokemon with powers
Dark Dragonair's Evolutionary Light - both players can evolve easier
Erika's ivysaur's Relaxing Scent - Half the damage
Sabrina's Alakazam's Psylink - With a Dark Gengar for your opponent
Erika's Victreebel's Fragrance Trap - Bring up a target
Erika's Vileplume's Pollen defense - Which of the opponents Active Pokemon is confused on heads? The attacking or both?
Sabrina's Gastly's Gaseous form - If I have it, will my partner get the +10 benefit for a P energy even if it's not the a level 10 one?
Meganium's Wild Growth - Nice for team mates.
Typhlosion's Recharge - Sounds like team mates can both use it.
Can partners "combine" Unown's to form a word?
Porygon 2 - More versatile now
NR Sneasel - 1 heads could mean discarding 12 trainers of the opponents.

Others -
Rocket's Hitmonchan's Crosscounter & Wobuffet's counter - I've attacked with crosscounter or counter. Now it's opponent A's turn. They attack me for damage. (I counter back), I'm not knocked out. Then opponent B's turn. They attack me again for damage. Does the (cross)counter still activate? What if I did no (cross)counter damage back to opponent A? Will it still be in effect for opponent B whether I do damage back or not? If I can only (cross)counter to 1 opponent can I decline opponent A & do it to opponent B?
Smeargle - More versatile now
Golbat's Screech - I Screech. My partner then attacks doing X damage. Opponent's active takes X damage + 20 more.
Misdreavus' Night Eyes - My partner puts opponent to sleep. I use Perish song to knock it out.
Promo Mew - My partner's Stage 2 is under a special condition. I use Devolution Beam. Now my partner can evolve back to their stage 2 & attack as before.
Dark Forretress - I've used Armor Up - Opponent A attacks for a knockout. Opponent B attacks for the 10 hp remaining. Is Dark Foretress KO'D? I think not since it says until the end of your next turn.
Dark Tyranitar - Neither of the opponents babies would be safe with Fling Away

Thats all for now on Pokemon. Next we'll look at the trainers

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