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Author Topic: Makes It All Worth While

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posted March 19, 2003 07:10 PM      Profile for professorbix   Email professorbix    Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote  Report This Thread to Moderators
there are moments that make being a professor all worth while. that happened last night. the one thing about being gym leader and the only professor is that the players look up to you and make it a goal to beat you. i had had that happen to me. we have a 6 or 7 year old boy at my league who doesn't win very often, so last night i helped him fix his deck to make it better, then he challenged me to a battle. we play best 2 out of 3, so the first game, he beat me in 2 turns..(my tauros had a weakness to his machop). the 2nd game, i won. the 3rd game........i didn't stand a chance....he had right from the start and there wasn't anything i could do about it. the thing that made it so rewarding was seeing his face when he flipped a heads to make the attack that would knock out my tyrogue and win the game for him, made me feel very happy for him. that fact that he was able to beat a person he looked to for advice was satisfying for him and me, because he and his father had only started coming to league a few months back and he really didn't know much about the game. his growth and faith in his abilities makes me feel good, the fact that i was able to help a player feel good about the game and really enjoy it really does make it all worthwhile........anyone else want to share that special "feel good" moment??

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posted March 20, 2003 02:30 PM      Profile for Noah Weiss   Email Noah Weiss    Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote  Report This Thread to Moderators
I remember a time like that. A mother and his little kid had come to League one day, and he had a deck with many Evolutions without matching Basic Pokémon, as I found out after the duel. I felt sorry, and it didn't appear the kid had many other cards, so I gave him some of my extra cards for free, and during the next game, he defeated me. It made me feel really good inside.

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posted March 24, 2003 04:51 PM      Profile for TheGameHHH6662   Email TheGameHHH6662    Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote  Report This Thread to Moderators
Yep! Dead right! It definitely feels good to help and advise the other (slightly younger) players.I originally set up a league and became a Gym Leader for my son so he could have a place to meet and battle his friends but over the years it has given me much pleasure to help other kids become better players and,dare I say it, encourage them to use their minds instead of vegetating in front of a playstation!!

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