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Author Topic: Rainbow Energy/ Ho - oh combo question
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posted October 08, 2002 07:34 AM      Profile for aragornanduril      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Ok the legendary bird guy Ho-oh from Neo Revelation (the Normal type not the Fire one) It has an ability called Rainbow Burn. It reads: Rainbow Burn This attack does 30 damage plus 10 more damage for each type of Basic Energy card, if any, attached to Ho-oh. 30+. Ok so if you have a rainbow energy attached to him would it do like 90 damage or something???!!!

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Nope. Rainbow is a special energy card and does not add any damage:

* Rainbow energy is NEVER considered a basic energy card. EVER! Whether in play or not. So this means that attaching a Rainbow energy to a colorless Ho-oh does NOT add to the amount of damage done! (Oct 18, 2001 WotC Chat Announcements)

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And locking as a duplicate. Do NOT post the same topic in multiple forums, especially when you post the topic in the correct forum to begin with. You have to wait for an answer or if you cannot wait, use the Compendium first and if you cannot find your answer, post it here. [Tap]

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