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Author Topic: Ditto or Brock's Ninetales? The Battle of the Shapeshifters

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posted October 15, 2002 07:58 PM      Profile for bombasticlovegirl   Email bombasticlovegirl    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
The ability to shapeshift, numerous cards in Magic the Gathering are notorious for this ability, changelings nearly conquered the universe in the Star Trek series and folklore is sprinkled with mentions of these powerful creatures able to do anything they want just because they can. Well the power to change shape has trickled onto the Pokemon scene with two cards doing it better than any other: Ditto and Brock's Ninetales.

Each card is feared by judges and rules creators alike, for the endless errata that is constantly written and re-written about these cards because they can be interpreted in so many ways. Quite a few reps for Wizards have been very adamant about either card even being considered for reprint in the near future. But when it comes to shapeshifting, which card does it for you?

Let's take a look at their stats:

Ditto-50 HP colorless Basic pokemon, weakness to fighting and resistant to Psychic with a power called Transform that is always on and allows Ditto to become a copy of the opponent's Active pokemon and changing the energy you have on Ditto to any kind you wish. The power goes away if Ditto is subject to a special condition.

Brock's Ninetales-70 HP fire stage 1 Pokemon, weakness to water, power called Shapeshift that lets you place any evolution card on Ninetales and you treat Ninetales as that card. While Shapeshifted the power of the evolution card, if it has one cannot be used and if Ninetales becomes subject to a special condition the power stops working and the evolution cards placed on it are discarded. Energy on Nintales cannot be altered by any means.

Each card has seen much play in all environments and has many fans that still love these cards to this day. Years after these cards have been released, new errata is still made that leaves players scratching their heads while playing the cards. I personally prefer the Ninetales just because Ditto seems a bit more vulnerable to me and I like the fact I can control what Ninetales becomes where as with Ditto you really can't unless you have the ability to switch the opponent's Pokemon somehow. Also Gusting can be your worst nightmare with Ditto if it has damage on it and you make it something smaller, ouch. Where as Ninetales your only threat is a special condition, as is Ditto's as well.

So which one should claim the throne of Shiftiest Shapeshifter...the adorable gelatinous blob known as Ditto or the Fox that gives Foxxy Cleopatra a run for her afro-sheen, Ninetales?

Let me know... BLG [Angel]

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posted October 15, 2002 08:32 PM      Profile for BJJ763   Email BJJ763    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Like there is any choice but Ditto? Ditto can become any Pokémon it faces (and Vending Ditto could become any Ditto in play! *sigh* wish we'd see that one released!!!). Brock's Ninetales can only become Evolutions. Oh and some judges do not fear either one. [Evil Smirk]

Since this question can only be answered by one of two choices, if this gets filled with "Ditto" and/or "Brock's Ninetales" responses it will be locked as a poll. Post your reasons why you've picked Ditto, i mean one or the other.

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posted October 15, 2002 11:10 PM      Profile for Porygone3      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Brocks Ninetails, but Ditto is my fav pokemon (in the card game- he is ok on the gameboy too [Big Grin] )

Why B. Ninetails? Simple, I can attach trainers to it. So? whats the big deal you ask? Well, I can- (if I wanted to, and it takes about 5 turns to do it) attach...
(in order)
4 Brocks' Protection (never goes away)
(shapeshift) Koga' pokemon ...
4 Koga's Ninja Trick (hopeing to stay active so it stays)
next turn- shapeshift- Sabrina Pokemon-
4 Sabrina's Esp.
4 Maginfyer
4 Plus Power
4 Defender
4 Charitys
4 TM#1 (I think you can do 4, although the
wording incadates its just 1. humm?)

and 1 Poketool (Focus band?) in a pear tree.

for those of you keeping count yes thats 33 Trainers on 1 Pokemon, now if you wait a turn after evolving into Sabrina's pokemon (I personaly use her Gengar since it has no weakness)
then you can attach all those trainers and shapeshift to Erica's Dragonare and "Take away"
That would be 42 cards (because of the prevous evolutions neaded to do that) into your deck, um yeah thats most your deck. Hey I didnt say there was a POINT to it. Although when I played a deck like that (only used 2 of everything) most of the time it wins. go figgure. Anyone please point out any trainer that "attaches" that I may have missed.

Go Brocks Ninetails.
(although now weak to burn and posion... yikes!!)
(um, an after thought- will Miracal Berry remove burn?)

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posted October 16, 2002 06:08 AM      Profile for SauroN   Email SauroN    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Shapeshifting decks are a lost art.

there's still some people on pojo experimenting with them. You cant really compare ditto and Brocks Ninetails.

Ditto has 30 does...seriously. EVERY GOOD PLAYER USE CLEFFA.

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