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Author Topic: Misty's Staryu Amplifications
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posted August 11, 2002 04:30 PM      Profile for Kangaskhan0000   Email Kangaskhan0000    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
If I still seem like the brat that posted something horrible in "Interesting(But Difficult) Strategy," then you should read it again. Trust me. Ok, let me get to the point before I spam...

If Misty's Staryu has one or more PlusPower cards attached, may I use Star Boomerang and return PlusPower along with the other cards attached? If so, you can do 60 damage for 1 Water Energy, and recycle Plus Power to another Staryu to attack again for 60. I think it's a little unfair, but it could be legal. BTW, it's only hypothetical; don't give advice other than the ruling, ok? Thanks.

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posted August 11, 2002 04:55 PM      Profile for Extreme Espeon      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Misty'sStaryu's Star Boomerang reads "Flip a coin, if heads, return's Misty's Staryu and all cards ATTACHED to it to your hand (Either way, this attack still does its damage)"
Keeping that in mind, Plus Power reads " ATTACH PlusPower to your active pokemon, At the end of your turn, discard PlusPower. If this pokemon's attack does damage to the defending pokemon (after applying Weakness and Resistance), the attack does 10 more damage to the Defending Pokemon"
Okay since PlusPower is attached to the Staryu, and Staryu's attack says "and all cards attached" yes you would do take back the PlusPower because all of the effects of attack (excluding Asleep and Poison, and other between turn status effects) before the turn ends, and PlusPower is back in the hand before then! (That would make since, right, because it is no longer in play to be discarded! that's actually not a bad combo, can't be used in modified though. Just make sure you have a bench of (preferably babies) and go to town. Think about it, if you somehow managed to get all four plus power in you hand at once you could be doing 70 every turn, and then when your opponent says that it is time to kill the stupid Staryu, hey it's back in your hand, only to quickly reappear next turn! Of course that is if you constantly got heads, so I'd say give it a focus band, to stay alive, which bring up the point that if you get tails, there goes all the plus power! It's basically a once very fast hit in order to get a prize (hey, if are a great flipper or just have a lot of luck, I'd say go for it) Well, if I'm wrong, let solve this before someone goes overboard with the combo,

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posted August 11, 2002 04:57 PM      Profile for Porygone3      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
any cards attached to it, if heads would go back to your hand. plus power and defender and maginfier can all be attached to this pokemon and would go back to your hand if you got heads.

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Originally posted by Porygone3:
plus power and defender and maginfier can all be attached to this pokemon

Yeah! But also! Why only attach a Water Energy? Bench the Staryu, atach Water energy, attack with something else. Next turn, bust out the Staryu, attach all 4 Pluspower, Defender, a Magnifier and a Darkness Energy, you have yourself a Staryu that'll do +50 damage and be resistant to 80 damage!! That AND it'll go RIGHT throug hall the new Water Resistants. If heads, that Staryu and everythign on it returns, if tails, you get 10 damage from Darkness Energy and only 70 damage resistance, but what the heck!! If it would work, THIS WOULD RULE as a starting attacker.

My idea - Since this CANNOT be used in MF, Use Computer Search to get the cards and Item Finder or Recycle to get them back from Discard Pile.

HOWEVER! This card and combo can only be used in Unlimited. And guess who now will rule Unlimited?!


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