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Author Topic: Aq Ariados+Dark Muk combo
Dark Pinsir
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posted March 15, 2003 10:34 AM      Profile for Dark Pinsir   Email Dark Pinsir    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Well, I think that an Ariados+Dark Muk combo may work, for example:
You have Dark Muk as active pokémon, an Aquapolis Ariados un your Bench and a Broken Ground Gym in play, that would give your opponent +4 Retreat an you would only get +2 (on basics and babies) or even +1 (in evolved pokémon's case).
I think that it isn't hard to run those cards on turn 3, so you can poison and give them a much higher retreat cost. I think that it may be comboed with AQ Octillery, even tough you can't have both D. muk and Octillery's powers at the same time, Octillery's power is much cooler, buth the pitfall is that Smokescreen can't poison (so it wouldn't shut down poké-powers) but it can block attacks.
What do you think 'bout it?

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posted March 18, 2003 01:49 PM      Profile for Prime   Email Prime    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
I tried making a retreat heavy deck. Guess what, it failed. People now a days don't retreat anymore. Now with double gust and switch, and warp point, and warp energy, you don't have to.

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posted March 19, 2003 07:06 AM      Profile for Otaku   Email Otaku    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Simply put, you ahve to run one or the other with Dark Vileplume so that they have to use their Warp Point Energies (which would also be ahrder to get withour Trainers). Running all three justmakes you Pichu Bait. IN Modified, Arados and Broken Ground Gym can be quite annoying. You may want to consider running them with EXP Vileplume to poison and trap their Pokemon. The main advantage though is messing up Double Gust: most times its used people have something that would normally be able to retreat easily. It's great when a Cleffa get's stuck with a retreat of 2.

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