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Author Topic: AQ Jumpluff's Pokebody

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Originally posted by LizardOTC:
The attack must occur (be in progress) for damage to be done. So, clearly, the attack is in progress when Fluff kicks in.

That can be debated. [Razz] Once the opponent announces an attack (Feint Attack) and chooses a Pokémon as its target (Jumpluff), that attack would damage/affect Jumpluff. The attack doesn't have to necessarily be DOING anything to Jumpluff yet but it WOULD BE doing something now that the attack and target have been stated (if not for the power getting in the way).

All the same, in the How Do You Figure Out the Damage? segment of the manual, it says that an attack has been started. And it's been established that the attack will be doing something to Jumpluff. So then you apply Jumpluff's relevant Pokémon Power, Fluff. Then any effects of the attacking Pokémon's attack (besides damage) are done. I maintain that if you go by the rulebook's order of doing things, Fluff still steps in front of Feint Attack.

Wonderful debate, isn't this? =)


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Could someone clarify for me whether a benched Aquapolis Jumpluff can prevent an entire attack?

Let's say I have a benched Jumpluff with one damage counter on the bench and my opponent's Aquapolis Steelix attacks with Earth Rift--which does 10 damage to each of my Pokemon including Jumpluff. If I flip a head with Jumpluff's Poke-Body, do I prevent damage to all of my Pokemon. That's the way it reads to me.

Also, let's say the opponent has a Revelation Kingdra as the active and Jumpluff is my only benched Pokemon. If Kingdra using Genetic Memory of Mud Splash flips a head, which would do 10 damage to Jumpluff, does Jumpluff's Poke-body (if I flip a head) stop damage to my active Pokemon?

If so---that is powerful.

The card reads: "If heads, prevent all effects of that attack (including damage)."

It doesn't say prevent damage to Jumpluff--it says all effects including damage.

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