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Author Topic: Trainer Engines

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posted February 25, 2003 08:07 AM      Profile for Otaku   Email Otaku    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
With the release of Expedition and Aquapolis, draw power got a big boost. As such, I see a lot of the new Trainers being used in decks. I am just curious as to how your overall "Trainer Engine" has changed. As such, I would like to know what you use, what you used, and why for both. For example, I have been using the following lately. First is pre-Expedition Post Neo Revelation, second is current. I have been using many of these cards since their release:

Balloon Berry x 2
Bill x 3
Double Gust x 3
Focus Band (or Gold Berry) x 3
Pokemon Breeder Fields x 3
Pokemon March x 3
Professor Elm x 3
Stadium Card x 3
Time Capsule x 1

Copycat x 3
Double Gust x 3
Focus Band (or Gold Berry) x 3
Pokemon Breeder Fields x 2
Pokemon Fan Club x 2
Pokemon Trader x 2
Professor Oak's Research x 3
Stadium Card x 3
Switch x 2
Town Volunteers x 1

I also run 3 Cleffa Lv6 (NG version), which are my third source of major draw power, but I chose to list separately since they are not actual trainers (duh). [Razz]

Each consists of 24 Trainer cards. Some changes are probably completely self-explanatory: Switch for Balloon Berry, Pokemon Fan Club for March, Town Volunteers for Time Capsule. Others amy need some explaining: long story short, I rarely witness the infamous Copycat/Elm combo working. It will get used, but often with no cards being used between the Copycat and Elm. [Bored] Even with this "generic" version of my Trainer Engine having nine Supporters (and some specific decks running 12), it has worked out quite well. I will have multiple supporters in hand a couple of times during a match, but thats not so bad since most of the alternatices would prevent other Trainers from being used anyway (e.g. Professor Elm, Time Capsule). As for the pairs of Pokemon Breeder Fields, Pokemon Fan Club, and Pokemon Trader, they compliment each other very well. Trader can grab any Pokemon, but needs a Pokemon to trade. In a low Pokemon deck the is esspecially limiting. Most Modified decks run plenty of Pokemon, so the real problem their is just fluke timing: when I run just Traders I tend to run out of Tradable material. So I like Breeder Fields since more often than not I get an evo for a basic that's already in play. PFC is great for getting out "free" basics. If I need more than just basics, I'll Oak's Research or Copycat if they are in hand-if not, then the supporter aspect doesn't really matter, eh? As for them being compliments: PFC fills my bench, Breeder Fields helps me evolve the next turn (after having CCed or PORed to get it), and Trader fills in the blanks. Yes, I realize PFC puts Pokes directly on the bench, so I can't directly combo it with Trader.
Finally, You'll note I run no Trainers at 4 a piece. I find that I rarely need to POR or CC 4 times just as I rarely need to Oak 4 times in Unlimited. Running them at that level allow me to have more Pokemon and Energy (lessening the number of times I get 'Rogued or suffer from energy drought). Running 4 of each (or 4 Elm) generally doesn't prevent that- the reason it works in Unlimited is that I can Oak repeatedly. Since I am limited to one of any draw card (other than some of the Bill variants, which either are to weak or situational for this point) per turn, I really need those slots for actual cards. Tying thi with the previous paragraph, I also like the "thinning" nature of the specific Pokemon search cards.
That's my thoughts (currently) on the subject. Please share your Trainer composition (and Cleffa count), why you run them that way, andhow successful you are-I have about a 50% win rate, so either I play against people mostly at my level (Drakeo, Baboon) or my decks are bad. [Roll Eyes]

Thanks for your time. [Big Grin]

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posted February 25, 2003 08:17 AM      Profile for yoshi1001   Email yoshi1001    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Mine hasn't changed drastically-basically I added two town Volunteers with the slots I got from dropping Pichu:

Trainers: 18
4x Copycat
4x Elm
4x Trader
4x Double Gust
2x Town Volunteers
Modular Trainers: 8
2x Focus Band
2x Gold Berry
2x Potion
2x Pokemon Tower

Really not much difference.

Here is the pre AQ version:

Trainers: 16
4x Elm
4x Copycat
4x Trader
4x Double Gust
Modular Trainers: 10
2x Pokemon Tower
3x Focus Band
3x Gold Berry
2x Potion

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posted February 25, 2003 05:46 PM      Profile for SteveP   Email SteveP    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
I've personally made a few changes in my trainer engine (which still ranges from 22-26 trainers), depending on my deck.

1. I've dropped a basic or two to add Pokemon Fan Club.

2. In a tool/TM intensive engine, I run Traveling Salesman.

3. Copycat goes in EVERY deck.

4. Town Volunteers replaces Time Capsule.

5. Forest Guardian is essential in search-intensive engines.

6. Pokemon Center decks are ALWAYS supplemented with Pokemon Nurse.

That's just a few. Yes, I'm seeing the trainer engines evolve quite a bit lately. I even saw Energy Switch work very effectively at our recent SBZ in an Entei/Magcargo deck.

However, if Double Gust gets rotated out, I anticipate that viable tourney-worthy decks will pop up everywhere. Double Gust is STILL the most important trainer (unless you have some other way to get at your opponent's benched Pokemon).

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