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Author Topic: Aquapolis Scizor! Need some suggestions!
Extreme Espeon
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posted June 21, 2003 08:52 PM      Profile for Extreme Espeon      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
With Origins right around the corner and all of the Beedrill poping up all over the place I figured might as well go back to playing Aquapolis Scizor. The one problem is that I can't come up with anything to play with it! Preferably not grass (Fire kinda kills the deck) and maybe in some way benefits Scizor! Thanks alot!

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Pidgeotto Trainer
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posted June 21, 2003 10:20 PM      Profile for Pidgeotto Trainer      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
The list is endless, Scizor will usually be the focus of your deck no matter what you do
There is
-Scizor/Mantine or Suicune(anti-Cargo)/Furret or Muk
-Scizor/Exp Blastoise
-Scizor/L.Drag/Furret (My idea [Wink] )
-This is just the beginning!
Scizor is usually most powerful w/Furret

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The Dark Llama
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posted June 22, 2003 09:04 PM      Profile for The Dark Llama   Email The Dark Llama    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
Run AQ Scizor/Furret Deck. The furret is like that old Clefable, but you can get special enegy cards. DEFINETELY use weakness guard - you never know when an old Encargo deck might pop up. Another thing is, use promo scyther #45, it's resistance to Fighting compensates for Furrets weakness. If you REALLY want fun, add AQ Muk, with his Burning Sludge. Personally, one of my decks is AQ Scizor, Dark Scizor, Promo Scyther and Promo Cleffa, which I find better than the NG one.

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posted June 24, 2003 03:29 PM      Profile for Articjedi   Email Articjedi    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
It completely depends on what you want to metagame against. Scizor/wartortle works best against fast fire decks, but I prefer scizor/furret/muk/mantine. Yeah, it sounds like a lot, but it's the most effective combo for the metagame. The problem is keeping your mantines alive, though. Entei and macargo can ko it in one hit. But, muk pretty much devastates gatrsect.

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