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Author Topic: What exactally is a metal Chancey Deck composed of?
Rocket's Arbok
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This belongs in the deck forum. Instead of boing about individual cards in a deck, this is about the deck as a whole.

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Well, it's focused around Chansey and Metal Energy. By placing several Metal energies on Chansey, you reduce the amount of damage it does to itself, while still dishing out much damage. If you managed to get 4 metal energy on Chansey, you would be doing 40 damage a turn to your opponent, none to yourself, and be protected from 40 damage each turn (by attacks).

Add other cards that support it.

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Who said anything about building the deck around Steel Chansey... I have never built a deck "around" Steel Chansey, Just included him in other deck, usually Psychic (that way you can use Fossil Gastly, dont leave home without him [Wink] ) Anyways good decks to use him in are;

1: Aero-Mew, Now you got a big bad basic that is hard to kill, And kills nearly everything in Sight!!! Especially Cruel against evolution Decks, but handles hay's well to.

2: Damage Swap: Steel Chansey in a DS deck is Lethal in its own right... With 120 HP and 2-4 Metals on it, no way an opponent can kill it easily.

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Unown N is a nice card to use with a Steel Chansey. It will reduce Chansey's self damage by 30 and not reduce the damage to your opponent at all. [Devilish]

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