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Author Topic: Selling cards(come take a look)
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posted October 05, 2002 02:08 PM      Profile for Blister   Email Blister    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
All cards are mint or near mint unless other wise stated.I wood rather sell all these cards for the low price of $150(original price is 211.)I will sell some card by bulk tho.But wood rather sell all at once.Email me at if u r interested.
1x Charizard(foil)/Original set-$20
1x Zapdos/(foil)Original Set----$10
1x Scyther/(foil)Jungle Set-----$10
1x Gyarados/(foil)Original Set--$5
1x Dark Gyarados/(foil)Rocket---$5
1x Gengar/(foil)Fossil Set------$5
1x Mewtwo/(foil)Original set----$5
1x Dark Alakazam/(foil)Rocket---$5
1x Dark Machamp/(foil)Rocket----$5
1x Snorlax/(foil)Jungle Set-----$5
1x Dark Vileplume/(foil)Rocket--$5
2x Machamp/(foil)1st Edition----$5
Non Foils-
1x Kabutops/Fossil--------------$5
2x Dark Gyayados/Rocket---------$5
1x Dark Charizard/Rocket--------$10
1x Clefable/Jungle--------------$5
1x Dugtrio/Original Set---------$5
1x Flareon/Jungle---------------$5
1x Moltres/Promo----------------$5
1x Zapdos/Promo-----------------$5
1x Articuno/Fossil--------------$5
1x Muk/Fossil-------------------$5
1x Dark Arbok/Rocket------------$5
1x Beedrill/Original set--------$5
1x Magneton/Fossil--------------$5
2x Clefairy Doll/Original set---$5
2x Pokemon Trader/Original Set--$5
1x Pokemon Breeder/Original set-$5
1x Super Energy Removal/Original$5
1x Here Comes Team Rockert/-----$5
1x Imposter Professor Oak/------$5
1x Item Finder/Original set-----$5
1x Computer Search/original set-$5
Non-mint,but still good-
2x Victreebel/Jungle set--------$2
1x Haunter/Fossil---------------$2
1x Dark Slowbro/Rocket----------$2
1x Electrode/Original set-------$2
1x Electrode/Jungle set---------$2
1x Dragonair/original set-------$2
1x Ditto/Fossil-----------------$2
1x Wigglytuff/(foil)Jungle------$2

Check my cards out at

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posted October 05, 2002 02:14 PM      Profile for SteveP   Email SteveP    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
this will be locked. you CAN'T sell on this board. I'd recommend e-bay.

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