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Author Topic: Rule of Crystal Energy on Crystal Pokemon

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posted February 02, 2003 08:07 PM      Profile for DOMCGI      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
On the 2003/01/30 Chat:

Q. What happens when a Crystal or Rainbow Energy is attached to a Crystal Pokemon. The Crystal Pokemon have a Pokemon Power that says when you attach certain colors of energy to that Pokemon, then the Crystal Pokemon Becomes the same type as that energy until the end of the turn.
A. You would choose when you attach it (if there was other Energies attached) if not than you wouldn't get to choose, it just provides colorless. (Jan 30, 2003 WotC Chat, Q758)

I do not agree with the above rule. The text of the "Crystal Type" power say "Basic Energy Card". Crystal and Rainbow are always Special Energy card, so it should not change the type of the Crystal Pokemon.

[Edit: Full text of the Lugia Crystal Pokemon's power.
Whenever you attach a Fire, Water, or Psychic basic Energy card from your hand to Lugia, Lugia's type (color) becomes the same as that Energy card type until the end of the turn.]

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I'd agree with you DOMCGI. This ruling appears to be a boo-boo.

After looking at the Usagi-chan translation of Crystal Type, I'm not sure if Crystal Energy can change Crystal Pokemon into a type. Personally, I'd probably rule that it could (in harmony with the current WOTC ruling). FYI, here's that translation for Crystal Golem:

When you attach a (G) Energy card, a (R) Energy card, or a (F) Energy card to Golem from your hand, Golem’s type becomes the same type as that Energy card for the rest of the turn.

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First off, whoever answered that question missed the point of the question. The answer refers to whether the Crystal Energy would provide a certain type, not whether the Crystal Pokemon would be turned into a certain type. However, the wording of the Power is "when you attach a basic energy card from your hand...". Rainbow and Crystal are special energy cards, and in your hand they don't even provide basic types (they have to be in play to do that). Therefore, I don't think you can attach a Rainbow Energy, say that it is Psychic, and thereby turn the Crystal Pokemon into a Psychic type for that turn.


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There is a difference between a grass (just to use a type) energy card and a card that provides grass energy.

Rainbow, Miracle and Crystal can all provide grass energy, but are not grass energy cards.

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