Welcome to version 1.7 (Aug 2014) of the:

PokéGym Researching Tower

In the Researching Tower you are able to research thousands of Pokémon Trading Card Images from the current Standard, Expanded and Unlimited formats.

Jan 2010 note - a while back we added an unlimited view.
Aug 2014 note - we added an Expanded view.

To begin your research, scroll through the list in the middle of this page or use the controls at the far left to select a specific set or return to the full modified list.

The PokéGym and Team Compendium request your feedback on specific images and comments/suggestions on this reasearch facility in the feedback thread. If you find a problem with the research controls or an image that needs to be re-scanned, post as much detail as possible to make diagnosis or action easy. Feedback Thread

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