#1 in limited get anything?

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Perfect0ne, Mar 20, 2004.

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  1. Perfect0ne

    Perfect0ne New Member

    Im asking this since im #1 global in limited format right now =/. Do I get any kind of invite to worlds or anything if i maintain this position like the top 16 of modified? thanx =)
  2. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    There is something weird with those rankings.
    Your points gained at limited format are the only ones counting for the global ranking. So if you raise in modified those points are not added for you global ranking. (they do count for you global modified ranking, but still global ranking should that not be only modified or a mix of modified,unlimited and limited)?
  3. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Bah, it's all funky =/

    Just wait and see...I'm sure things will be solved eventually. Btw, I agree that us limited champions deserve cookies! Give us invites! ;P
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2004
  4. JasonthePwnda

    JasonthePwnda New Member

    limited doesnt deserve anything. i'd probably be pretty high ranked in limited, except that the Illinois prerelease events are never sanctioned. the reason its called limited is because it takes limited skill, limited originality, and shows limited style. the only reason i've been able to win is because i had decent cards and moderate skill.
  5. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    ...Wow, that has to be the most IGNORANT view on limited I've heard in a while. Limited is limited because it's only from select sets. Limited is the best of all three formats because it takes the skill to see bad cards for what they're worth, and what good cards are worth in a "limited" situation. Limited is the best because people with "limited" wallets can pick it up, and show their true worth, had they plenty of money to spend on the game =/

    I'd like to continue my little rant, but the topic's about solving the problem for RANKINGS, not why Limited is better or worse. I'll shut up now, and just respect your opinion.
  6. Perfect0ne

    Perfect0ne New Member

    Im not saying this just since i have done great in this format, but limited takes more skill than modified. In limited you have a limited time to build a deck out of cards you may or may not like, you need to use cards you probably never seen before, and then battle without a chance for testing. In modified you could net-deck and then beatdown. In limited I have spent over 5 minutes on turns sometimes, but in modified I either kill everything with BAR or get the unlucky hand. Limited takes much more thought and strategy, even in the deck mechanics such as in ex Dragon and Magma vs. Aqua where certain types are more common and the types are so well balanced to fight each other off. I look forward to pre-releases more than anything for those reasons =P
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