10 damage short at IL states

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by tehmoe, Mar 13, 2011.

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    I was thinking of decks to play friday night or as some would call it saturday morning. so last minute i put together sablock with help from a friends list i borrowed last week. anyway... i drag a couple friends along(their first time for pokemon ever) and my lil bro. i help fill out everyones list. turn them in and then fill out my own. next thing i know its round one.

    round one, i get the bye!!! so i'm feeling good getting the round one bye. makes a big difference in tie breakers. needless to say i walked around looking at some intense matches. Walking by, many tell me how lucky i am, or as in some of the locals words, the only win i'll get for the day.

    round two
    Its me vs Ness. i was not expecting this. I went in not expecting a win. anyway i had the best hand i could possible think of going against someone of his caliber. the donk in hand... sableye start. 2 crobat g's and special dark. he started with 1 basic. i'm getting ready for the short match, prolly the only way i would have one, when all of a sudden a repair is called... a few people get repaired however its still me vs ness... my new hand was not sableye start. and his was spiritomb start. he goes first. plays gastly and dark graces for haunter. i start with crobat g, collector for sableye uxie and q. retreat for sableye play some stuff from my hand set up for 4 miss on things i need and impersonate for initiative, double tails. he sets up some more dark graces into gengar. i get a murkrow in hand and bebe's to search out honch. BTS is in play so i play them and attach a dark. impersonate another initiative and get one heads. nothing really worth getting rid of so i picked anything. he brings out gengar and poltergeists. ko my sableye... i send out krow and attach DCE and ko he flips heads. the match heats up with prizes and damage getting sent everywhere. time is called and its 3-3 on prizes he's turn 0. he sends up a tomb, plays oddish, bts into gloom and dark graces viluplum. i kill the tomb with uxie and bottom. 2-3 on prizes. he kills a benched zelf 2-2 on prizes. i put 100 damage on a gengar( 10 short) he retreats into another gengar and poltergeists ftw. so i lost 2-1 on prizes after time. it was an intense match over all and we drew a crowd, well maybe it was just ness, but i was putting up a good fight.
    needless to say, aggro sableye earlier against gengar. my main misplay.

    round three
    vs colin with his d-chomp
    this was another great game going to time and some mad shenanigans. towards the end of the match, it goes 3-3 on prizes. time is called. we trade prizes one more time so its 2-2 on time, his last ko was via dragon rush. i look at many ways to kill this thing, but no matter what i did, i was 10 damage short(again)
    my outs crobat g and three turns and then retreat into uxie x with zen blade giving 100 damage, or promocroak with crobat g plus 2 poketurns for 90 damage. 100 with poison btwn turns... either way i was 10 short... i go with promo croak just for the case that he cant draw into what he needs which was a warp energy. he draws into it. warps into a free retreater and brings it back up. he then attempts a g-switch an energy of a dialga on the bench.i spray, he turns bronzong and does it again, i spray, one more time and i spray... junk arms the turn ftw, i'm out of sprays... switch energy onto chomp and d-rushes a damage uxie x on the bench ftw.

    all in all it was an awesome match again drawing a crowd. me just being 10 damage short...

    round four
    me vs someone new
    he was running an all water deck. i prevent him from setting up and clean his pokemon up for my six prizes and win.
    round 5
    me vs someone with luxchomp.

    the game goes to time again and its 2-2 on prizes. at some point in time i noticed he hasn't played a single poketurn this game... i was turn 0 and 2, on my second turn i manage to ko a garchomp with ambipom g, he ko's with a belted luxray... my promocroak was in the discard already from killin a luxray earlier in game. and him d-rushing it + crobat g. i had already used my aarons earliery in game so i had no way of killing it ftw... so i send up uxie x drop 2 bats and 2 turns... last poketurn was prized... against i am 10 short.... so i zen blade leaving 100 damage on it. he drops a bat i spray, turns it and drops it again, i spray, turns it and drops it again, i spray. i'm out of sprays... and turns it again and drops it. and 80's it for the game....

    round 6
    me vs idk
    my turn one was sable eye crobat crobat dark energy ftw game on his uxie.

    round 7
    me vs yanmega feat. ERL
    at this point i stopped caring cause i wasn't going to top cut at 4-3
    anyway. i keep my hand at 12+ cards keeping him from free attacks, he starts putting energy on to stuff to attack. needless to says it goes down to 2-2 prizes, he drops erl and sweeps for the last 2 prizes.


    my friends comeback with 1 win a piece for the day which made them happy. my brother misses top cut by 1 win. which he was kinda mad about, but he said he licked the deck i built him. all in all a good day. many locals top cut which was good news.

    having a good time with friends and last minute deck decisions
    playing ness which is always fun.
    seeing other locals top cut

    not top cutting
    my bro being mad
    no trades

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