10th Anniversary Movie Promo Darkrai (Water & Metal Attacks w/ Berry Attached)

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    moving to single cards
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    Here's a rough translation, courtesy of serebii.net:

    Darkrai 80 HP

    Enigma Berry
    If Darkrai is hit by a Fighting Type Move, remove 4 Damage Counters from Darkrai.

    W: Dark Separation
    You may search your deck for a Stadium Card and look at it. Discard that Stadium Card. 10

    MMM: Direction of Time
    You may recover three Pokémon from the Discard Pile. 80

    Weakness +20 Resistance -20
    Retreat Cost C

    OLDSKOOL New Member

    thanks for the translation and the link to serebii.net! still a little confused on the first attack:(w)dark seperation .you may search your deck for a stadium card and look at it. discard that stadium card. 10. should it mean that i could search for a stadium card , play it and discard my opponents stadium card and do 10 damage? anyone? thanks!!!
  5. Tego

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    If you search your deck for a Stadium card and put it into your hand, shuffle your deck and discard the current Stadium card in play afterward.

    And the second attack returns the 3 Pokémon to your deck, not your hand. :( So it's not that great. Also, if you have less than 3 Pokémon in your discard pile, the whole attack fails. o_O
  6. Pikamaster

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    is there a site with the englishized translations. Like, the discard pile isn't called "trash".

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