12th movie fake set

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  1. NEMark

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    Here's some fake cards based on fan-fic's and chat's of 12th movie.

    Dialga :metal: lv 85 HP 120
    Basic Pokemon

    Poke-Power Future Gaze
    Once during your turn (before you attack) randomly choose 3 cards from your opponent's hand and
    put them face down next to the defending pokemon (These cards are not in play or in your opponent's hand's then your opponent does the same thing to you. At the end of your next turn, each player's respective card's go back to there owner's hand's. This power cannot be used if Dialga is affected by a special condetion.

    [] Time Restructure
    Look at your opponent's hand, for each trainer, supporter or stadium card, draw a card. Next turn Dialga cannot use Time Restructure.

    :metal::metal::colorless:colorless Time Crush 70
    Each player may shuffle all trainer cards into his or her deck.

    Weakness :fire: x2
    resistance :psychic: -20
    Retreat cost :colorless :colorless

    Palkia :Water: lv 85 HP 120
    Basic Pokemon

    Poke-Power Space Restore
    Once when you play Palkia from your hand on the banch, search your discard pile for 2 cards and put them in your hand.

    :Water Aqua Pulse 20
    For each :Water: attached to your pokemon this attack does 10 more damage to one of your opponent's benched pokemon.

    :Water :colorless :colorless Aqua Crush 50
    For each energy attached to the defending pokemon, do 10 damage to one of your opponent's benched pokemon.

    Weakness :lightning: x2
    Retreat cost :colorless :colorless
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    1. Shuffle ttainer card from where ? Hand?? Dicard pile??? In play ????
    2. :water: Aqua Pulse 20+
    This attack does 20 plus 10 more damage for each :water: enrgy attach to Palkia.
    3. Choose one of your opponent's Bench pokemon. Put 10 damage for each energy attach to the Defendinp pokemon to that pokemon.

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