1st place 10-1 oregon states!

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by gallade, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. gallade

    gallade New Member

    Well, i wake up at 6, do stuff, and take the 1 hour drive to salem. I hang out with friends, and stuff. I play garchomp toolbox, it has pretty good matchups, but I CANNOT BEAT VILEGAR!! BTW, i am the best in the world at forgetting names, so im not going to bother. :( Anyways...

    Round 1: me vs vilegar
    I start with promocroak, mewtwo lvx, dragonite fb, 3 psychic energy, and a power spray. He has a tomb and an eevee. I am crying on the inside. I start, I attach to 'croak, and pass. he starts, lookers, and shuffles himself in, because of my terrible hand. He gets nothing, and passes. We start draw-passing, and through some luck of the draw, i get a weavile set up. He now has a gengar, an eevee, and a vileplume, I only have 2 prizes left, and he still has 6. He can either sack the eevee and start sweeping, or he can keep gengar active. I have weavile, and because I can only do 100 damage, he feels safe. I just drop a lucario. He hits tails on fainting spell (*phew*), and he sends up vileplume. He sets up a haunter on the bench, and wiffs on the energy, i then attack the vileplume for 70. I can 1-shot anything, and he scoops.


    So thats pretty much the only way I could have won XD.

    Round 2: Me vs. jumpluff/gengar/kingdra (the only way I know this is because he drops them while shuffling XD)
    He starts skuntank and uxie, i start garchomp, energy gain, and dce. In three turns, I win. Lol.


    Round 3: me vs. Luxchomp
    This is where my memory starts to fail. I just set up a mewtwo, and go to town.


    Round 4: me vs. luxchomp w/ mewtwo
    He gets a mewtwo the same turn i do, but he has a bench and i don't. He realizes that i can kill something at the end of time, and scoops.

    Round 5: me vs. donphan.
    Well, he gets a pretty bad start, i just set up a garchomp, spray uxies, and snipe phanp(h)ys. He loses in 4 turns i think.


    Round 6: me vs. t-tar
    Well, i start pretty good, but i have to sacrifice my promocroak, and he lookers me into 5 pokemon. The only way i win is 2 misplays on his part, 1 a prize penalty, and 1 belting a dying t-tar. I hate to win that way, but idk...


    Round 7: Me vs luxchomp
    I get the double mewtwo, and have to wait like 6 turns to get the x. I wiff big time on it, and he snipes them both. We start trading prizes, but he overextended himself killing the mewtwo's, so i make a comback. I have a crobat drop for the win, but he sprays it. Whatever.


    I am super excited that I wend 6-1. I hang out with people, and play dodge ball with pokeballs.

    top 16, me vs. gyarados (oh no)
    game 1: He said that he has the donk, but because he donked me out of top cup last time, he just plays a normal game. I then set up a garchomp after stalling with roserade. I belt it and do some shenanigans including poisen so he has a tiny hand, and he has to manually recover gyarados. He can't do much after the second KO of gyarados, and i win!

    I kinda feel bad that i beat him after he could have donked me, but It would have been annoying to get donked.

    game 2: It's pretty much the same game as last time, i belt a garchomp, and spray his set-up, he has a hard time recovering, and i win this one to.

    Wow, i actually beat gyarados, *happy dance*

    Top 8: me vs. donphan.
    game one: look at game 5
    game two: look at game 5 again to refresh your memory.

    So thats why i don't play donphan.

    Top 4: Me vs. luxchomp
    game one: I can't get a mewtwo set up, because we both start with like 3 garchomp, a draggy, and 3 DCE, but no supporters. I start taking prize cards, and through some snowpoint temple madness, I don't die. I just take all 6 prizes before any of us could get anything up.

    game two: I get a t2 mewtwo, he conceeds.

    I am like WOOOO i just made top 2.

    Top 2: me vs. luxchomp (btw, these were like the most anticlimactic games ever lol)
    game one: I start with dragonite, and take a TON of prizes before he gets set up, he can't to much, and I snipe with garchomp to win.

    game two: Turn 2 mewtwo makes luxchomp :(

    Wait, i just won?

    Judges and volunteers for making a GREAT event, went so fast.
    simon for being awsome, and stuff.
    eleki, im SOOOO sorry you got donked out of top, dang machamp... You should have won
    Luke (my top 16 opponent) your cool to, thanks for not donking me, sorry i had to win those games.
    Steven R, for helping me get revenge on donphan.
    Chris b, for being cool
    seth, look up. AND DOOD YOU WON THE FREAKIN CASON AWARD :D too good.
    ben, look up 2 lines
    jacob, look up 3
    alex, 4
    katie 5
    nicole, 6.
    Chrisrocks, thanks for being cool, and nice job going from 2-2, to 6-2.
    pulling 3 holo energy and 3 shinies and 5 lost worlds in my box. I also got a rh lost world, WOO

    Simon getting lusacked
    eleki getting the same
    elite_4_allen for trying to get into my report ;D
    nothing else.

    Thanks for reading, sorry i can't remember anything lol.
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  2. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    Wow, great job, Oliver!
    Way better than my states, but still, pretty awesome!
  3. kamz

    kamz New Member

    nice job oliver. i played luxchomp and got top 8 so i failed
  4. gallade

    gallade New Member

    Lol, thanks guys.
  5. Blitzer

    Blitzer New Member

    Weeeee I has props. lol Nice job bro.
  6. gallade

    gallade New Member

    lol, thanks, sorry you did poorly. You also got slops :D
  7. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    Can I get slops for failing at my states?
  8. gallade

    gallade New Member

    Done for ya! ;D
  9. Barkjon

    Barkjon Active Member

    Nice job bro.

    See you at WA states on Saturday!

    Dude, I'm so psyched for mah first states.
  10. Box of Fail

    Box of Fail New Member

    That guy who played gdos and didn't take the donk is really nice. I hope you gave him your packs or something.
  11. DarkStar20

    DarkStar20 Front Page Editor

    Congrats Oliver, you deserve it man!

  12. Hurricane

    Hurricane Member

    Congrats bro :D !!!!!!!!!!!
  13. gallade

    gallade New Member

    He is a good friend of mine. But ya, watch me donk him next week.

    Everyone else, thanks!
  14. chrisrocks

    chrisrocks Member

    Nice job! thnx for props.
  15. nicolerawr

    nicolerawr New Member

    Congrats Olliver, I'm glad all your hard work and practice paid off! You deserve it. :D
  16. ProfessorJacob7

    ProfessorJacob7 New Member

    aawwwwww yeaaaah. You did a great job and like its been said, you completely deserve the win man. Congrats :D
  17. gallade

    gallade New Member

    Thanks guys, i felt totally unprepared for states, lol.
  18. Mama_Luigi

    Mama_Luigi New Member

    Can I has slops for 2-3 at my states with little competition?
    Gj. Impressed you managed to beat vilegar and gyarados.
  19. YogiBear

    YogiBear New Member

    Your the coolest person ever, and ill give u all my gengar primes.i

    ---------- Post added 03/15/2011 at 07:05 PM ----------

    Your the coolest person ever ill give you all gengar prime.
  20. gallade

    gallade New Member

    Thanks, ill take you up on that deal, you double posted though XD You were just so excited.

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