1st place Corvallis, OR Battle Roads

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Magic Mew, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Magic Mew

    Magic Mew New Member

    Hello everyone! Yesterday in Corvallis marked the start of Battle Roads in Oregon, and my first primer event victory.

    Dillon McCord
    Gardevoir and Gallade
    Spring Battle Roads
    Masters Div.
    Corvallis, OR

    We left at 7:00 am from Talent, and I made last-minute tweaks to my deck in the car. I had been testing Empoleon variants the past couple of days, but decided to go with the tried-and-true Gardevoir/Gallade. I took out Feraligatr and replaced it with Omastar tech, and replaced Lake Boundary for a Chatot. I also added Call Energy to the list. I got a little Eevee figure a while ago, and decided to carry it around with by deck box all day for good luck.

    Round 1 vs. Nannette with Dusknoir/Electrode

    I got paired with Nannette at table 1 in the first round, and the game was over pretty quickly. She had a T2 electrode to my lone Ralts, but didn’t have the second energy. After that I was able to get set up, and she never really got anything going. 1-0

    Round 2 vs. Daniel Z. with Beedrill

    Daniel and I always joke about getting paired together in the first round, and today wasn’t much different. Before we got set up Daniel knew almost every card in my deck and I still had no idea what he was playing. Then he flipped over a Phione and a Weedle, and I got really scared. He had call energy T1, and a Claydol, Kakuna, and Weedle, by T2. I started with Ralts, and Celio’d for Chatot. He had Crystal Beach and Cessation out almost the whole game, and had me on the ropes most of the time. I never really got my whole field set up, but somehow managed to have a Gallade and a Gardevoir going for most of the game. Some time during the last ten minutes I was able to warp point his Cessation out of the way and drop Omastar and Wager. That forced him to come out with Phione again, and I was able to grab a couple of prizes with Gallade. Time was called on his turn, and he had taken 1 prize to my 2. He had a Beedrill out against my Gallade with 30 damage on it, and a weak bench. He can Twin Needle, and if he flips two heads he basically wins the game. He flips a heads and a tails, and I win. Good Game! 2-0

    During lunch, Daniel wins one of the door prizes in the raffle, and gives me the Luxio hat he won. Thanks again! Nannette gave me a cake she baked, and it was really good. Thanks Nannette!

    Then I got to play BDS, but our game was pretty anticlimactic. He gets T2 Magmortar, T3 Magmortar lv. X, and then wagers me. I win and draw Rare Candy, Scramble, and Celio’s Netwok. I get a Gallade out and KO his only pokemon FTW.

    Round 3 vs. Bannette

    Although it can be tricky, the Banette matchup isn’t really that hard for Gardevoir/Gallade, especially with Crellelia lv. X. You’ve just got to keep a Gallade going, and take out a few Banettes quickly. And that’s pretty much how the game went most of the time. After she KO’d my Gallades I timed another Omastar drop, and was able to Pull Down a couple of Shuppets to take my last two prizes. (Sorry I forgot you’re name) 3-0

    Round 4 vs. Magmortar/Togekiss

    I got setup mutch faster that him, and that was pretty much the game. I KO’d a couple of Magmortar and a Togekiss, and he couldn’t really respond with anything. (Sorry I can’t remember you’re name ether) 4-0

    Round 5 vs. Vance with Garchomp/Tech

    Going agro Gallade before you get set up is almost never a good idea, but because Garchomp can’t respond with a scramble, it can be a good idea in this matchup. I was able to take a few prizes this way, and I had a commanding lead before he was able to get a Garchomop out. We traded a few prizes, but it wasn’t enough for him to come back. 5-0

    When Daniel lost to the Magmortar/Togekiss deck in the 5th round, we weren’t sure that he was going to make top cut. When I heard that he made 4th seed, I was both happy that my friend made it, and scared because I knew that I would have to play him. Beedrill was by far the hardest matchup for me, and I knew that I got really lucky against him in swiss. If we had played out the whole game I’m sure he would have won.

    Top Cut:
    1. Me
    2. Vance with Garchomp
    3. Magmortar/Togekiss
    4. Daniel with Beedrill

    Semi-Finals vs. Daniel Z. with Beedrill

    Game 1: Okay, we set up and I’ve got a really good start. I get Furret out T2 and Gardevoir out T3 with Roseanne’s, Rare Candy, DRE, and Phoebe’s Stadium in hand. He Rare Candies to a Beedrill on his bench, and I decide to go agro Gallade. I warp point to KO Beedrill, which leaves him with a lone Claydol. He scoops with 6 prizes to my 2, and we start the next game with 50 minutes left. 1-0

    Game 2: This game is much more difficult, and I don’t have the start to rush him like I did before. The game plays out a lot like it did in swiss, with him having Crystal Beach and Cessation Crystal in play almost the whole game. I somehow manage to hold a slight lead for the first part of the game, but about half way through he benches a Syther, and I knew the game was just going to go down hill after that. The one turn that he has Scizor out lets him recycle and get three Beedrill on his bench, while still going on the offensive. The game goes on for a while, trading prizes back and forth, and somewhere towards the end I realize that I can’t win. I look at my watch and see that we have been playing for around 40 minutes. I have a pretty good field with two Gallade and a Gardevoir lv. X, but the prize exchange is not in my favor. I know I’ve got a good shot at stalling out the last 10 minutes, but I really don’t want to slow play Daniel. I’m usually a pretty slow player, but I didn’t play the last 10 minutes any differently than I had the whole game. What I did do was try everything in my power to prevent him from taking his last 2 prizes. At one point during the end of the game, both my Gallades and my Gardevoir lv. X each had 90 damage on them, but I couldn’t stop Daniel from taking his last 2 prizes, and he won our second game. Good Game! 1-1 (6-1)

    Game 3: We shuffled, and I had just started setting out my prizes when time was called. I hadn’t drawn my card, so we had to shuffle and set up again. My starting Pokemon was Helix Fossil, and I had a pretty lousy hand, and Daniel told me that he had a T2 Beedrill, so I was really glad when we had to shuffle it in. We setup again and set out 1 prize. I had Ralts start, Rare Candy, Gardevoir, and Gardevoir lv. X in my starting hand. I could almost jump for joy, but tried to keep a poker face. T1, my Ralts confused his Phione, then he Celio’d for a Claydol and tried to attack with Phione, and flipped tails. T2, I Rare Candyed to Gardevoir. Daniel Wagered, and I won, then he retreated Phione and attacked me with Claydol. T3, I Tellepassed Celio for Gardevoir lv. X and pulled down Phione for the win. Wow! Great job Daniel. 2-1 (7-1)

    Finals vs. Vance with Garchomp/Tech

    Game 1: I got Furret out T2, and decided to stick with my anti-Garchomp stradegy and go agro again. Vance started with Hippopotus, and when he got out Hippodon T2 I had to actually read the card. I got one Keen Eye in before Hippodon KO’d Furret, but that was enough to set up a Gallade and a Gardevoir a turn after that. This game played out a lot like our game in swiss, and I was able to take it pretty quickly. We traded prizes for a while with the exchange in my favor, and I was able to seal the win with an Omastar/Pull Down attack. 1-0 (8-1)

    Game 2: I got another good start, but this time Vance came out first with a T2 Rayquaza ex and started sniping to set up KOs for Garchomp. It took a few turns but I was able to get out a Gardevoir and a Gallade to KO his Rayquaza. Usually Garchomp has a very difficult time responding to a quick OHKO, and that’s why Gallade does so well against it, but Vance started strong and kept the tempo going the whole game. I got my Cresselia lv. X out soon after that, and it really saved me. I was able to move damage off my Pokemon, and prevent him from getting the critical OHKO. We traded a few prizes, and then he got out Garchomp lv. X out. If he flipped three heads he would KO my Gardevoir lv. X and my Gardevoir, and basically take the game. He only gets one heads, and I can breathe a sigh of relief. The prize exchange is really close, but in my favor. With a little luck I am able to Full Moon Dance and Pull Down for the win. Great Game Vance! 2-0 (9-1)

    Wow! I just won my first ever primer event and I’m absolutely thrilled. After getting second at States, Cities, Battle Roads, and Pre-releases it felt really good to finally win something. I owe it to a great deck, a lot of luck, a little skill, and my little Eevee figure.

    Here are a few pictures that Nannette took at the event:

    Daniel and me in the semi-finals:

    Vance and me in the finals:

    Me with Victory Metal after winning:

    Daniel for giving me the hat he won and letting me borrow his Omastar;
    Nannette for being so nice and baking me a cake;
    Vance for doing so well with a rogue deck;
    My mom for driving three hours;
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    GJ man but seriously you need to switch that hat to Obama hehe but gg Dillon.

  3. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    Congrats Dillon!
  4. DarkStar20

    DarkStar20 Front Page Editor

    Way to go Dillon! You are definatly the star player of us Southern Oregon Folk. :) We'll have to get some events going on down here so you don't have to travel so far to show off. Awesome job!

  5. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    GG man. You beat me to the victory punch. lol

    McCain > Democrats. : D!!!!
  6. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Congrats Dillon

    You are a very good player, and I am very happy for you that you won a Battle Road.
  7. Kenshin's Garde

    Kenshin's Garde New Member

  8. ilikegengar

    ilikegengar Member


    We made (forced) Dillon post on Pokegym because he won the Victory Medal in Corvallis. Nice report, Dillon.

    I must tell everyone that Dillon was real sweet to me. We were paired at table 1 for the first round. I guess the computer thought that might be the only time I'd be at top table. Haha. Anyway, in our battle I go first, hit his lone Ralts for 20. My second turn I have no energy, no Roseanne's no plus powers, no strength charms. I can only do 20 and I pass. Dillon gasps-- mumbling something under his breath to the effect of "you can blow up and win". Yep, I could have but didn't have the energy. He hesitated to give me the chance to do that as I had a benched Duskull which would do it for me as I know you can't end a game with a tie.

    We voted Dillon's car as the coolest-ever.

    Watching the finals was so hard for me--I wanted everyone to win!

    I'm glad you liked the cake. :)
  9. Broccili_ Boy

    Broccili_ Boy New Member

    GJ dilon.
    BTW this is Jonathan The kid that won juniors.
  10. DL24

    DL24 New Member

    Always a thrill 2 win ur 1st event. Congrats!
  11. Magic Mew

    Magic Mew New Member

    Thanks for the support everyone! Hope to see all the Oregon players again soon. I'll be heading back up to Eugene on sunday with some more players from down south, and I know it'll be a lot of fun.

    As for politics: Daneil and Phazon, you're both wrong. Hillary FTW! :lol:
  12. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Congratulations on the win Dillon.
  13. DarkStar20

    DarkStar20 Front Page Editor

    You guys are gonna rock Eugene this weekend, I just know it. I can't wait to hear how it goes, good
    luck! :)


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