1st place Edo. de Mexico CC Report!

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Pablo, Feb 28, 2004.

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  1. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    On with the report:

    1st match vs guy with Swampert/Kingdra ex

    Can't remember much, it was played again at best of 3, both games went fairly quick, ended the round in about 12 minutes or so.


    2nd match vs another really good friend from league with Kingdra ex/Azumarill AQ

    The games went back and forth, but I do remember getting perfect (and I do mean PERFECT) set up's in both games, so I pulled the win.


    3rd match vs guy with Blaziken/Typhlosion ex

    Again fairly quick, good set ups, good speed, easy match.


    4th match vs guy with Amphy/Magneton

    This guy did give me some trouble, I lost the first game because I didn't start with Sparce, second game went fairly quickly and finally in the third one, this is what happened:

    I win the roll, his active AQ Mareep vs my active Dunsparce.
    MY 1st turn: Dunsparce, strike and run get Sudowoodo torchic and skitty.
    His turn: attaches nrgy and passes.
    MY 2nd turn: Rare Candy Blaziken, FireStarter Sudowoodo, attach Multi nrgy to Sudo, retreat Sparce and OHKO Mareep LOL.

    I was not afraid of this guy's deck, but I thought I'd do that cause it was hilarious.


    So now I'm in top 8, and I have to face my friend from league AGAIN which basically sucks.

    5th match (Top8) vs Adnan with Niniken

    Mirror Match = YUCK!

    He pwned me badly in the first game, I started with sparce but he managed to get out 2 Blazikens in turn 2 which was alot to handle so early in the game. Second game I won, not pwning him as badly as he pwned me but ya it was a win. And the third game was the most close game of the tourney. We both ahd good set up's, and I won cause he gave me 1 turn to power up Tales on the bench, since he didn't have nrgy to retreat his active Torchic, and HPS wasn't yet in play (I did have it in my hand like 3 turns before, but I figured I didn't need it so wouldn't play it, that saved me the game). It was a really close match and a REALLY good one.


    6th match (Top4) vs guy with Ampharos/Magneton (AGAIN)

    I knew I could pull the win easily unlesss I got no draw WHATSOEVER, but it didn't happen and I think Sudowood KO'ed a flaffy r Amphy ex, can't really recall, but it was only for fun cause I ahd the game won.


    7th match (Top2) vs guy with Kingdra EX (Same guy from last CC)

    So i face HIM again. I thought he had learnt from the last match, that stalling 1 turn vs my deck is a turn I get to attach more nrgys etc, and since I got a Tales powered up early in the first game, he was afraid to bring up Kingdra, which gave me even more turns to power up etc. I didn't start with Sparce in the second game, and knew I would lose, and in fact I did lose. Third game, I didn't start with Sparce, and thought I was going to lose, but with my 2 PokeNav's, I still got Sparce first turn, and used Warp Point to make him active and use Strike and Run, after that, it went downhill from there.


    So I won a second CC, got another box of Dragon and another medal, all the cool stuff, finally there was atleast 10- players, only 2 but at least it is something. Anyways the matches were easy cep't for 2, and I beat again 2 Kingdra ex decks with Niniken, so respect Niniken! =P


    to Sparce for appearing again 90% of the games, and Sudoowodoo for being such a funny card.


    for not facing ANY Slaking decks (which I was expecting), cause I wanted to use Sudowoodo many many times =P.

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  2. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Yay Good job. See you at Worlds ^_^

  3. plaidlesspez

    plaidlesspez New Member

    Wow, good job man. That is amazing how you beat everyone who make decks just to beat yours! Good luck at states. I wanna play you sometime on Apprentice with my Slaking deck to see how it does. I can't get on to play too often, but I'll try to get on sometime this week. My AIM is plaidlesspez. If I can't get on, maybe you could get jermy to use it against you or something.
  4. TheCrossFormatKid

    TheCrossFormatKid New Member

    "Before I get flamed, I did offer to lose the final match, in trade for me getting the whole booster box and my opponent getting half a box plus everything else for getting first"

    That, my friend, is collusion. And, incase you didn't know, collusion is a very bad thing. Be happy he declined :-\ On another note, congradulations on a 2nd win.

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