1st place SoCal regionals report (with skittles!)

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by Black Mamba, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba New Member

    So I wake up kinda late on Saturday, find out my mom is driving which worries me because she is a TERRIBLE driver on the highway... but meh. Couple of friends come with me, and once we get there, I trade/borrow the last few cards to finish my deck, play a little SSBB, and wait until the tournament starts. I'm using URBAN SKITTLES, my variety of Ho-Oh/Togekiss that's pretty different from Josh's... but that's what it came down to eventually.

    I hardly remember any of the names of people I played, so I'll just list their decks.

    R1 vs. Infernape/Typhlosion

    He doesn't get a very good setup... he had a Typhlo out T3, but that wasn't really helping him because he only had 2 energies in play. I got a Hooh set up and ran through his Pokemon, with Crawdaunt EX and a boost just in case. I won on prizes.


    R2 vs. Kery w/ Porygon Z/Exploud/Weavile/Darkrai

    This was a strange deck for sure... he was playing Porygon Z with only dark energies. However, I didn't even know that until after our game, because I got a donk T1 Togekiss and flipped 2 heads to kill both his Pokemon. ...Give me a break, I can have 1 donk.


    R3 vs. Kingdra EX d/Lunarock

    Probably the most intense game of the day. I start with a lone Corphish and no supporters or benched Pokemon... after a little while I draw into a couple Hoohs, but soon I only have one left in play, and I just killed my first Kingdra. My prize... ROSEANNE. So now I'm just praying for heads on phoenix turn, and it works! I now make a huge comeback, and it comes down to 1-2 prizes, his lead, with Kingdra vs. Hooh. I serene grace for enough energy to do 30 damage less than needed to kill him, but then I castaway for the game. GG.


    R4 vs. Chomp

    This guy definitely didn't get the best start, and his stupid Sableye kept locking rainbow wing, so I had to do some retreating. The defining moment was him having a Gabite with 2 energies on the bench, with sable active. I warp'd and retreated to KO it, and next turn he draws a Garchomp. Oh well.


    R5 vs. Justin C. w/ GG/Lucario

    Now I know Justin pretty well, and I know his deck pretty well, and we're usually pretty even in our games. This was no exception. We were KO'ing each other back and forth the entire time, with him even imprisoning my Hooh so I couldn't rainbow wing it. When time was called though, I had 1 prize left to his 2, which gave me the game.


    R6 vs. Empoleon/Mismagius

    I don't think it would be physically possible to create a deck MORE anti-skittles than that. I had no chance to win.


    R7 vs. Keith w/ Skittles

    This really sucked... my resistance was low, so I needed to win this game to be sure that I would make top cut, but Keith was the highest 4-2, so it would be close for him too. There's also the fact that he's playing Josh's Skittles list... so we pretty much know each others decks. He gets out Dusknoir and I get out Crawdaunt. He shuffles a 4 energy Hooh into my deck, I put a 6 energy Hooh back into his hand, which hurt a lot worse. He also missed a crucial flip on phoenix turn, and it went downhill for him from there. GG Keith, I owe you a DDR game.


    Standings come up.. I'm in 5th, Keith got 17th. So now I really felt bad, but he was cool about it.

    Now it's time for... GG MARATHON!

    T16 vs. GG

    game 1

    Both got decent setups, but I was able to grace before he could lock me down, which helped a lot. I wasn't even that lucky on my flips, but I was able to cruise through all his Gardys and Gallades before he could take me out.


    game 2

    His setup was much better than mine this time, and after being psychic locked with 3 pluspowers (o_O), I scooped.


    game 3

    I draw my hand... lone Corphish start with a Furret. He mulligans, and I accidentally draw my card before I put my prizes out. It was a crystal beach. Judge decides that the card goes back and the deck is shuffled, then I put my prizes out and draw my card. I draw a Sentret. Woot! I got everything out in a couple turns, and despite him scrambling and then DREing a Gallade for 2 prizes, I won it out. GG


    T8 vs. Justin C. w/ GG

    game 1

    So it came back to the 2 of us. I had a nice T1 Togekiss start this game, but since I didn't have any bench, it could've been better. After it died, I had a manually charged Hooh ready to go, which mopped up pretty much everything else.


    game 2

    This was a long game, and I think my luckiest game in terms of flips. I flipped 3 heads on 1 Hooh, which really did a lot of damage. However, he imprisoned and killed me with Gardy ex d, and then managed to finish me off with a regular Gardy. Nice.


    game 3

    Wasn't much time left on the clock, so I had to play this fast. I got a pretty decent setup to his not so good one, and even after Lucario Lv.X and Gardy Lv.X made a showing, I was able to win on time.


    T4 vs. ANOTHER GG

    game 1

    He was playing a very standard list, with pretty much just the GG line, and 4 Stantler. However, he played Gardy Lv.X very well, and managed to bring down a Hooh, which really hurt me. I got another Hooh out, but I flipped tails on Phoenix. Scoop.


    game 2

    A much longer game, we both got tons of stuff out. I kept facing Gallade after Gardevoir after Gallade, and I think every time he did a TSD he got 2 heads, which was ridiculous. Then he kills a Hooh with psychic boom Ralts, but I flipped heads on Phoenix at least. That was really what saved me the game.


    game 3

    This was a very strange game. He was attacking with Stantler and Ralts for the majority of the time, and they were both VERY annoying, with me either taking 60 damage for 1 energy or 20 and confuse. Unfortunately for him, their low HP allowed me to take a few key prizes early, and even when he got bigger stuff out, he couldn't get enough before I got all 6 of mine.


    At this point I'm really psyched out, since I'm already guaranteed $1000 scholarship, which is a lot of money to me and my family. It turns out I'm now playing Josh (MadHatter) in the finals, the creator of the basis of my deck. So, it will literally meet its maker. :p

    T2 Vs. Josh B. w/ 3 cornered triangle of death (Banette/Gyarados/Cresselia)

    game 1

    He starts out by telling me that he knows how to beat my deck, that he just can't get donked. I really believe him, because I'm sure that's one of the decks he would have been testing against most. I actually got the early lead in this game, getting down to I think 2 prizes. Gyarados was really a killer though, being able to OHKO a Hooh with 1 damage counter on it. He was able to make a nice comeback, and I missed the flip on Phoenix. GG.


    game 2

    I kind of feel resigned to getting 2nd now, but I still do my best to play. This was another really good game, but my serene graces were very unfruitful. The key was that his Banettes were always 10-20 damage away from knocking me out, and I could return anything in his deck with an OHKO. Even after my first Hooh died, I had a 2nd one out, and with some crafty moves, I was able to pull it out.


    game 3

    We both got completely dead starts, but felt the need to warp point each other on the first 2 turns. After that it kind of became the joke of the game, and we both played every warp point in our deck mostly just for laughs. I had to do every serene grace possible in this game, and I got a nice hit mid game to do enough damage to KO his defending Pokemon. It was down to 2-4 prizes, my lead, and time was called. Good games, Josh, very good games.


    So I end up winning the largest regionals in the country in my first year in Masters... not bad for a day's work. Got to hang with some cool people, too. The only bad part was my mom trying to drive back home at 11:30 at night... I'll leave it at we live half an hour away, and it took an hour and a half to get home.


    GG and Mag not being in the finals
    Owning people with Mr. Game & Watch on brawl
    random oranges
    5 warp points in the last game of finals
    Ryan and David for coming with me
    winning first obviously lol


    Holmes for not coming
    getting lost in the middle of the night
    only getting 1 Lv.X in my box
    not having dinner
    getting killed twice by 3 pluspowers

    If I got anything terribly wrong, or missed someones name, please tell me and I'll fix it. I'm just going by my terrible memory, I didn't take any notes during the tournament. Hopefully, this can give people hope that you CAN take down GG and Mag. Maybe not all the time, but they're definitely not unbeatable.
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  2. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    Congrats on winning with Skittles. It's nice to see some different decks take reigonals
  3. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Stop being so good at life!!!!!! UGGH :D
  4. Mloclam

    Mloclam New Member

    luckiest player alive?
  5. Umbreon777

    Umbreon777 New Member

    So, does that mean Skittles is a deck now?
    Good. Im glad.

    Very high congrats. =]
  6. SlimeyGrimey

    SlimeyGrimey New Member

    Ho-oh/Togekiss autolosses to magmortar, so yeah. It's hard to believe people in some regions don't use Mag.
  7. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba New Member

    I have powers that allow me to magically change everyones dice to only have heads on them. Yeah. Seriously.

    I don't think you have ANY right to say that skittles is an autoloss to Mag. I did extensive testing vs. both the Blaze and the Typhlo variants, and with the appropriate techs, it was 50-50 if not better in my favor. I would've been happy to play a Mag or two.
  8. XYZ_Sniper

    XYZ_Sniper New Member

    when ppl say that to banette and mag :lol: beat all the mags i played
  9. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    I'd really like to know how Skittles auto-loses to mag, especially with Crawdaunt ex tech. 4 energy on Daunt gets the KO and Splash Back to mess up Firestarter? Hardly auto-loss. And even without Daunt it's a pretty even matchup.
  10. SlimeyGrimey

    SlimeyGrimey New Member

    I and several others I know tested the matchup extensively prior to states. I had planned to play this deck at states until we all started going (nearly) 0-x against Mag/Ty and Mag/Blaze. I never played with Crawdaunt ex, so I can't authoritatively comment on how effective that might be, but it would still appear that Hooh/Togekiss needs to get pretty lucky to win. It's a small line with small Hp that gives up two prizes when it is ko'd. A smart player will play around the power, so you're just trading ohko's, unfortunately crawdaunt gives up two prizes though.
  11. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    Hey congrats on the win. Skittles 0.o lol
  12. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba New Member

    I don't really understand how that is. o.o My Mag/Typhlo testing was great, and most of my wins were without using Crawdaunt at all. Mag/Blaze was definitely harder, but still about 50-50. The only was it was really a big loss is if you take a small lead and then get a Mag Lv.X in your face with a scramblo thats burning your Ho-ohs every turn... but unless you want to disregard the existence of crystal beach and count every phoenix turn flip as tails, it's nothing near an autoloss.

    and thanks everyone! maybe skittles really is a deck now, lol. :D
  13. vanderbilt_grad

    vanderbilt_grad New Member

    The Mags player has options like burning Ho-oh with Torchic for 1. He may give up a prize for that but the Skittles player doesn't get Phoenix Turn if they don't get rid of it somehow. Blaze also snipes Claydol nicely which can lead to some consistancy issues for some builds. Mag X can do both as well and can set up all sorts of hard choices for the Skittles player. Much of this hinges on how well the Mags player knows their deck and either knows/can figure out the Skittles matchup though. In general I had a hard time against Mags in my testing too ... but then again I knew exactly what I could do to nuke Skittles.

    GREAT JOB btw!
  14. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    I don't know how people can sit here and give Black Mamba crap for winning with a deck that he thoroughly tested out to make sure he had a good chance at winning. Magmortar may have a good matchup against skittles, but that doesn't give people the right to call him a luck sack. Magmortar gets owned by PLOX, so if someone playing magmortar actually won a reigonals I guess they'd be a luck sack too. Who cares if no one played Mag in his reigon. They were actually pretty smart not too. From what I can see Magmortar won only one reigonals (Colorado Springs still hasn't been reported). Beedrill won just as many reigonals as Magmortar.

    Once again, congrats to Black Mamba.
    It's a shame that some people would rather call you a luck sack than actually congratulate you on a well earned win
  15. indokid

    indokid New Member

    hey man im the chomp guy.
    it was nice playing you, after losing to you, i lose 4 straight.
    you just drained the life out of me after that match.
    good game though.
    bad luck drawing chomp a turn late.
    good job winning first.
    at least i can say i lost to the winner of the tourney.
  16. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba New Member

    My final word about the Mag matchup, because it's kind of off topic and theres not much point in disputing it:
    A very experienced Blaze/Mag player who knows what to do in the matchup is definitely able to give Skittles a hard time. The burns from Torchic and Mag Lv.X are really the biggest problems, another flip added on to the already flippy Phoenix Turn. Sniping was never really a huge problem for me, because I have low reliance on Claydol in my list, and to kill anything else, it has to be with Mag Lv.X. Playing with Furret as a starter lets me sac a prize or two so they can't eat into their scrambles until a lot later in the game, and even then there's crystal beach which they can't ALWAYS have an answer to. It's not the best matchup for the deck, probably worse than GG (which I tested more), but autoloss is ridiculous.

    Indokid: It was nice playing you, I could tell it was just a lousy start on your part that did you in. You probably would have given me a much harder time had you gotten that Chomp out... it was a shame you didn't. But good game either way.

    Also, thanks a lot to everyone who is backing me and the deck up, I really appreciate the support.
  17. NHRA619

    NHRA619 New Member

    I am proud to be a good friend of this player!!!!!! He taught me almost everything i know about the game. You are awesome!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!and yes, i was there in spirit:thumb:
  18. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    good job, exept now i have to worry about another big deck, so this is going to be fun. and i'll c ya at nats, but i won't paly u, cuz i'm a senior.
  19. grapevine

    grapevine New Member

    you killed me game 1 with a Crawdaunt ex that made me very sadface :frown: almost forgot! the two heads in game three and one of which wouldve been tails and it bounced off your cards. that also made me very sadface :frown:. lol good job on your win bro
  20. doomsday24

    doomsday24 Member

    Congrats on the win. Judging and watching that finals match was very interesting and exciting to watch. Even with the oranges and Warp Point madness there.:lol: Though it certainly did lighten things up quite a bit. :rolleyes:

    Good Luck at Nats, do us all proud. :thumb:

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