1st Place w/ Abomasnow, Masters

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Dual_Draw, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    Built the deck cause I didn't feel like building anything else. My memory is really fail

    Round 1 vs Machamp/Nidoqueen
    Didn't want to play this matchup, as half my deck was SP, but I rolled with it. I sprayed a set up for 6 and he didn't get a fighting until the time, where I just Belt+Below Zero paralyze, then bat snow play for the KO. GG.


    Round 2 vs Steelix
    Infernape X was prized, but I sniped his Froslass, then sprayed 2 Uxie. Eventually Snow Play added up and I took 3 prizes with it, then Infernape got rid of his Steelix, and I Dragon Rush'd his Blissey for game. GG.


    Round 3 vs Blaziken/Blaziken
    His build was consistant, and my start was awful, I started with Bronzong and didn't get anything off until t4, his start wasn't much better though. Towards the later parts of the game, I survived the burn, called Intimidating Roar, he sent up his Blaziken PL, I evo'd my Snover, Bronzong'd my DCE from Chomp and attached Water to Snow, then paralyze him for 90. He passed, I snow played and took a prize, using Garchomp for the next two. GG.


    Round 4 vs RDL/Typhlosion
    I was surprised he made it this far, beating a Luxchomp and T-Tar/Machamp along the way iirc. He could never really ohko anything, as he didn't play RDL down due to my Garchomp threatening with a Gain+DCE. Eventually the Split Bombs and Snow Plays add up, and I take a couple of prizes, following up with Garchomp for the last few. GG.


    I move to top 4, in the second seed, playing against Machamp/Donphan now.

    Top 4 vs Machamp/Donphan
    Game 1: I came close to donking, but both Crobats we're prized. I followed my usual Machamp strategy and went for the Machamps. Fortunately, she got 1 in both games. Leaving me free to mass snow play, and as soon as she belted here Donphans, do some paralyzing tricks. Eventually her Earthquake damage just built up and Snow Play was essentially doing 40 a turn, she got heavy impact up, but I responded a couple turns later by setting up 3 KOs for 4 prizes.

    Game 2: My start was nice, Snover and Bat, I pushed Bat up, and had Snover on the bench. I put an energy on Snover and passed, she got Donphan, and EQ'd for 40, stuff happend and I got set up and started spreading, which of course added up, and led to my victory.



    Top 2 vs Eevee/Machamp
    Game 1: Got a T2 EQ+Bat on a Machop, followed up my Dragon Rushing and Snow Playing. As soon as he got Machamp out, I Just Below Zero Paralyzed and went on with it.

    Game 2: Starts was weird, but he whiffed off his Uxie for 4, so I just kept split bombing his machops and machokes. The Eevees didn't really affect me and I got some ridiculous Uxie draws. Ended the game with a Bat to Uxie, followed by a Snow Play for my last two prizes. GG

    Meganium Prime
    All my opponents for the good games.
    Jacob for...stuff
    stuff I forgot
    Darien for half the deck
    Sandy for an almost flawless tournament
    Bidier for the great judging
    Sam for the Dragonite FB
    Guy whos name I didn't get for the Abomasnow
    THERAGE for inspiring me to play Abomasnow/Chomp

    Having some of the worst starts since I started playing
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  2. chrisrocks

    chrisrocks Member

    nice job playin spread :)
  3. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    Awesome job! Way to take it with an unusual deck!
  4. Hurricane

    Hurricane Member

    Yay! Thanks for putting me in props... I feel special lol. Nice job man, carry the torch!

  5. kingofgames

    kingofgames New Member

    thanks for not putting me in props cor. also, kevins comment while we were outside was sooo lolz.
  6. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Yay GJ Cor, let's win again on the 10th. =D

    YAY for Beldum. =P

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