1st place with mothballlz

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by GGRules!, Jun 8, 2008.

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    So I arrive and have 2 choices of what to play ... Plox or Mothballz and i decide hey might as well play Mothballz
    I went 0-8? I think with MothBallz outside of the tournament, so obviously, Moth Ballz was the right deck choice : )

    Apparently there is only 8 masters with a top 2 cut lol

    and the tourney begins

    1st round vs Empoleon/omastar
    Well he just gets a bad start and I get turn 2 mothim he does get set up a bit and takes one prize but really can't keep up especially when I play my crystal beach to use scramble effectively


    2nd round vs Magmortar
    Well it all depends what I start with or at least thats what I think until he starts with a Corsola and me with a Burmy. I don't put 10 on with Unown P because I don't really need to to kill his Corsola. After I do kill it he brings up Magmar and does 40 then I Do 70 it just goes back and fourth finally he gets a Togekiss and puts them all onto a Magmortar and does 100 to my Gyarados. Then I ohko it GG


    3rd Round vs Garchomp
    This deck gets an amazing start turn 2 everything.... literally a garchomp and togekiss a claydol its crazy also togekiss can ohko all my basics and when i finally do get a mothim she retreats and starts to use Garchomp GG


    Well I get second and am now in top cut vs Garchomp ^

    1st round
    She gets an amazing start again I set up a Gyarados once she knocks it out I forfeit as I have 3 cards in my hand and only basics.

    2nd round
    She goes first thinking she can use rare candy and she can't unfortunately. She starts with Togepi and well on my turn I wager win and have a turn 2 Mothim she gets a duskull rare candies to a Togekiss and is attacking with it she does 70 to my Gyarados holon mentor for another uUown P and 2 puts after Togekiss is dead she forfeits

    3rd round
    I go first and get a good start call energy for unkown P and baltoy next turn evolve claydol tv reporter discard grass energy wear cloak and evolve for 70. I quickly get a gyarados set up because i know garchomp can't ohko gyrados time runs out with her about to do 110 to my gyarados

    winning a BR
    Mothballz for being a beast
    The store for giving a discount to tourney players
    MadHatter for helping with deck

    mulligans with so many basics (yes i did mulligan :( )
    low turnout

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