2 Sandstorm Packs = Fun

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Nick15, Sep 4, 2003.

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  1. Nick15

    Nick15 Member

    No need to wait until Saturday to find out what's in Sandstorm, Scyther no 123 posted this on my site (http://www.fakecard.com/news/). :D

    Cacturne 2/100
    Golduck 17/100
    Pichu 20/100

    Anortih 27/100
    Delcatty 34/100
    Lileep 43/100
    Lombre 46/100
    Quilava 51/100

    Cyndaquil 59/100
    Duskull 62/100
    Growlithe 65/100
    Marril 68/100
    Mysterious Fossil 91/100
    Root Fossil 92/100

    Here's the deal now; Growlithe is not part of Japan's ADV2 series (or ADV3 for that matter), yet it's a card in Sandstorm. Interestingly enough, outside of promos, the only Growlithe not released in English is.... Vending Growlithe. Problem is that Scyther left AIM before I could confirm whether or not that THIS is the Growlithe in his pack, but I wouldn't be surprized if it was. :)

    So far though, Sandstorm is beginning to look more like ADV2 + Vending more than ADV2+ADV3. Though anyone is free to chime(cho) in and put in their ideas of what it may be. :)

    Quick requestion for anyone going to the Sandstorm Prerelease tournaments though... Do everyone a favor and study this page (http://www.fakecard.com/tcg/vending/list.shtml). If you see any of these cards in your packs during the Sandstorm tournament, then that means that Vending cards are the other 40-something in the set. Good times. ;)
  2. Orange Soda

    Orange Soda New Member

    The only other possibility I can possibly think of would be that it could be cards from the so-called Wizards-made set.

    But considering the inclusion of Mysterious Fossil, Vending seems the most likely answer.
  3. Nick15

    Nick15 Member

    True, Orange Soda. It's a pity Scytherno123 left AIM before I could figure out which Growlithe it was. So it won't be a day or so before I could find out (but by that time, everyone would know, so....) :D
  4. soslowpoke

    soslowpoke New Member

    Hmmm...I'd like to know what "franchise store" these boosters came from...
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2003
  5. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    This doesn't necessarily dismiss anything but its worth taking note that Scyther (My Gencon TMP partner BTW) has Growlithe as a common. In vending it is uncommon. That could've been changed. This does look like the most probable situation. Good going Scyther. :D
    Now that I see Vending I NEED that Pidgeotto! :D
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2003
  6. Nick15

    Nick15 Member

    The last thing I want to do is look like a tool by posting this.... I'll find out about this... [glares]
  7. The Dark Llama

    The Dark Llama New Member

    that promo wiggly look great..... 90 HP... a good power... cool.
  8. dkates

    dkates New Member

    You have to wonder if the Omanyte's Power can be cumulative...
    BTW, the Female symbol on Nidoran Female is tilted.
  9. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/member.php?u=15

    Maybe I can shed some light on this. You are incorrect, the TOs do have the cards as of Thursday, or at least the TOs that are running events for this weekend. I have gotten the 28 booster boxes of Sandstorm for the Salt Lake City Prerelease tournament, but to make sure that I am not tempted to post anything about that set or take a early peek at it. I have locked away the booster boxes till Saturday. That way even I wont know what is in the set till the tournament. It is always a nice surpise to find out your gifts on Christmas morning, and that is who I am looking at it. :thumb:
  10. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    man, i really hope 1 TO opens up a box or something, so we can see the reprnts/vending cards. Also if mysterious fossil is in the set, it may be that they will allow the eblock in the new modified, since there are no fossil pokemon that i know of in ADV 3... interesting...
  11. farbsman

    farbsman New Member

    Actually, all of the Tournament organizers for this weekends tournaments got there shipments of Sandstorm on Thursday. Well at least that is when I got mine.
  12. farbsman

    farbsman New Member

    We have been told by nintendo that we are not allowed to post any information about what is in the sets and if we did we would possibly lose our ability to run tournaments for them. We have had set lists since Tuesday. I had planned on posting some scans of the cards and a set list, but I would rather keep running tournaments for Nintendo.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2003
  13. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/member.php?u=15

    Im sure that some TO's have open up a box, but they might not be saying anything :p about what they find. ;) Just wait by Saturday night Im sure that everyone the went to the Prereleae tournament will put what they got on the boards. :rolleyes:
  14. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Any TO who opens a box, and puts their ability to run premiere events on the line with Nintendo is a blithering idiot.

    I wish there was a way that we could keep it blind until the second weekend, but I know there will be those who want to post what they get, and of course cash in a bit.

    It is the ULTIMATE test, to play what you have never seen. Next time I will be running my prerelease on the 1st Saturday available!!!!

  15. farbsman

    farbsman New Member

    I agree with you. If you are opening a box and posting the info not only do you ruin it for those who don't want to know what is in the set, but also those that go to your events after Nintendo takes it away from you.

    As far as Scyther having two packs and posting it. The only TO near him that would have packs is the one at Pastimes. Hmmm sounds fishy to me, especially if he bought them.
  16. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    you are right meganium45, it would be more interesting to play with what you dont know, i think the people who play tomorrow, will be the ones who enjoy the most this prerelease, because after that, spoilers and setlists will be flying around everywhere. If i were playing at one prerelease, I would keep myself away from the boards, because it would ruin the surprise... man why can't nintendo support international OP sooner, Mexico has always been like excluded from anykind of OP and it is closer to the US than places like the philippines and Europe....

    Note: I'm not complaining that people in Europe and Philippines have OP and we dont, I'm just wondering why Wizards didn't support OP here in Mexico, yes they sent legue kits, but never supplied any kind of prizes or anything for big events, such as a SBZ...
  17. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Not to throw stones, but hasn't that store just ruined its own event??

    This is supposed to be the first place the cards are seen, at the event, not after people have bought 2 boxes, studied the cards, then drafted.

    Feh, hope someone is paying attention.
  18. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/member.php?u=15

    THat is one of the reasons why I wanted my Prerelease tournament to be run one th first day possible, just so the players dont know what they are going to play with. l'm not even openning any boosters cause I want it to be a surpise for me just as much it will be for my players.

  19. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/member.php?u=15

    I hope it is not a store that is selling them. Not only is it bad that someone got some and posted it, but Nintendo even stated to the TOs that you cant sell any of the extra product till after the event. If they are selling they have broken two of Nintendo's big rules with this event.

    :( :rolleyes:
  20. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    I was told the only day, before the official release date, that I would be able to sell my extra product would be on the DATE of the event I was holding.

    If I have any extra after that, it cannot be sold until the official release date. Keeps the TOs from throwing it out on e-bay and the like. Also protects the other pre-release events on the 2nd weekend.

    That is what I was told.....

    Meganium45 - yes, a premier TO for Nintendo in St. Louis!!!
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