2008-03-18 Swampert - GE 009/106

Discussion in 'Card of the Day' started by PokePop, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

  2. Umbreon777

    Umbreon777 New Member

    If you want to tech it into a deck that runs DRE, it can be pretty nice. As it can move those too. But I dont really see the room for it in a deck that doesnt run a heavy line of it. Ive seen it played with Togekiss, but WWCC for 80 and minor disruption isnt worth it.


    Oh snap! i herd it evalvz frum mudkip.

  3. poketo

    poketo New Member

    This could dominate with energy chaos with all of the warp points but draw back if your pokemon get sniped or ko'ed with most of the energy in play you are doomed
  4. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    i like it. i thnk that if built right, a deck with it could do very well in regionals.
    it does one hit magmortar.
    its got bulky hp, itll last a while.
    only 2 retreat, so mantine can give it free retreat.

    ill give it an 8/10
  5. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    This card is AWESOME!!! I ran a 2-1-2 line in a Crawdaunt EX deck, with a 1-1 Dugtrio and SSU!!! I ran it at 2 leagues, I didnt lose, I think like 11-0, or whatever. But it has MASS Potiential!!!

    I would say a 9/10 if used as a Tech!!!
  6. BoDragon

    BoDragon Member

    Wash Out Poké-Power
    It is an additional way to add a Water (or Fighting) Energy by moving it from a Benched Pokémon to the Active Pokémon. You can get an Energy rotation going with Palkia Lv. X's Hydro Reflect attack and keeping Swampert on your bench.

    Hammer Arm
    Four Energy for 80 damage seems a lot, but discarding the top card of your opponent's deck can help or hurt him or her. It still does significant damage and can help knock out several opposing Pokémon.

    Its Grass weakness sets Swampert in for a disadvantage agaisnt Sceptile/Tangrowth. No weakness to Lightning keeps it out against Electivire longer.

    Swampert can be useful as a major blow against Magmortar, or as a tech for a pro-Water Blissey.

    Modified: 9/10
    Limited: 9/10
    Fun: 8/10
  7. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    I really like Swampert. It OHKOs Magmortar, Lv.X, Typhlosion and Delcatty (A.K.A. everything in Fire TRUK) plus disacrding a card from your opponent's deck. Might be pretty interesting with Rhyperior and even Entei. So, it has a solid attack.

    Quite a bit of HP, so it can survive against alot. Gallade needs to flip over 4 Prizes to OHKO it, and Magmortar needs 7 Energy to OHKO it. Though the same can be said of many cards in the current format, it is a nice attribute to have, knowing they have to put alot of effort into KOing it.

    However, it's Power is the main reason to play it. Moves around Fighting Energy, another reason why it could be used with Rhyperior. Move Energy, Switch/Warp, new Rhyperior, 80. It also moves around Water Energy, so it is easily comboed with Palkia Lv.X or Wailord and Mantine.

    Weakness to Grass is fine, with all the Magmortars running around, you should be safe there. However, there are quite a few good Grass Pokemon that could hurt Swampert, most notably Sceptile/Tangrowth, Sceptile/Exeggutor and T1 Butterfree. Of course, when Leafeon Lv.X comes out, it's power as an attacker will be severly cut. The Retreat Cost is fine, 2 RC is average in this format, and Mantine makes that 0 RC.

    I give it a 8/10 now, but when Majestic Dawn is released 6.5/10 or 7/10.
  8. spazcrackers

    spazcrackers New Member

    play this card with the mudkip from crystal guardians and protect your energy with the mudkip and move them as needed with another swampert. this is a hard counter to magmortor if played properly but i doubt many people have the creativity or the vision to do so.

    Modified 7/10
    Unlimited 2/10
    Limited depends on strength of line and rare candys pulled average 6/10

  9. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Meh, I missed the last 2 CotDs since I was on vacation. Broke my perfect streak also :(

    Anyways, Swampert is a nifty card. Stat-wise, it's average for a Stage 2, with 130 HP, +30 Weakness to something (in this case, Grass), no Resistance, and 2 for a Retreat Cost. Wash Out is the main reason you'd be using this, letting you move :water: or :fighting: energy from your benched Pokemon to your active Pokemon (sadly, not vice versa as well though). Hammer Arm is expensive at 2 Water and 2 Colorless, but it deals a solid 80 damage and lets you discard the top card of your opponent's deck (still, only use if you have to).

    Modified - 7/10 (No one's really using it, but it does have potential, as it counters Magmotar via Weakness and if you run Fighting also with him, lets you hit Blissey and such)
    Limited - 9/10 (If you can get this out and run a dual Water/Fighting deck, you have some great synergy potential here)
    Unlimited - 1/10 (No place for it here really)
  10. Dennis Hawk

    Dennis Hawk New Member

    The obvious strategy is to use this with Palkia X, as you can pretty much attack with anything your opponent decides to bring in from you. Even Claydol.

    Then there's supporting role, like this and Blissey/Wailord, to keep the energies running on your active. Warp point your damaged active Blissey/Wailord out, move energies to the next one, throw some heads with SSU.

    Attack is a tad expensive but OHMGKOs everything in Magmortar, which could make it good late-game sweeper.

    The problem with Swampert is that energy manipulation would absolutely rock in predictable format. Now there's Gallade that can come out of nowhere (bench Ralts, candy, Scramble) to do 180 damage. And there's Magmortar that does 20 for each fire energy, oh, wait, is that Togekiss? You can easily get too creedy and lose your energies. Or you can get too careful and lose your game. When I played with Swampert against Togekiss/GG I actually used Palkia Lv. X as my main attacker, because the only place your energies are safe against those is your benched pokémon (with Magmortar, not even there, except for amazing CG Mudkip).

    Overall good card, and a bit underestimated. I can see it as a center of Surprise! Tech deck that focuses on anti-metagame techs and loads them within a turn not giving your opponent any time to prepare (moving Holon's Castforms to Alakazam * can literally give you any attack in the game without any sign of warning to your opponent). I would want to use it, as it's power is amazing. Metagame breakthrough is still looking for a right build to get things complete and right player to make this big.

  11. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    Okay, Swampert. Interesting. Well for starters it has one less energy than I thought it would require for its retreat. It is a good card. Good HP, good attack. Its power is pretty helpful, and right when I saw it, I totally thought, "Togekiss". But yeah, its pretty "run-able" with several things. A problem is, we don't have many awsome fighting type pokemon that can really "fight" other than Gallade, and well, that should really only be run in G&G or a variant of it. (if I had my choice, it wouldn't exist. Curse you carbon copies!!!!) But as for water pokemon, yeah we got a few. So yeah, petty good card.

    Current Metagame (meaning as long as G&G is here): 0/10 jkjk.

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    i want to try it out in gg for fun, moving dres and scrambles as i please, AND having a tech against mag

    it's a slow attacker but has decent hp and a good power

  13. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    Combos with palkia and a cute lil stage 1 fighting type:p
  14. Steve=0

    Steve=0 New Member

    Swampert - Mud Fish pokemon?
    Ok, when I saw this fish(?) first time, I though it is a failure of card.
    Now I actually begun to like this card. Problem of me using him is that i never loved its pre-evos (Mudkipzz), not in cards though.


    130 is basic HP for Stg2 and +30 weakness is normal. No-one uses Grass because of all mortars blasting their fireballs everywhere. No Electric Resistance, bah. Retreat Cost is normal on a pokemon like Swampert and Mantine reduces it to zero, lol wut?

    Other of Cg mudkipz has a something rare on a evolving basic, poke-body. Submerge prevent it taking any dmg when it sits on the bench, what is cool in this metagame(Mag/Luke/Empo), so that Mudkip is the right choise. About Marstomps is nothing to say that GE-one is the best, but both CG can be useful too. Other for its typing mostly..

    Power:Wash Out:
    This is what makes Swampert playble. Capable of moving water and fight energies to the active can make some nifty combos (already mentioned palkia lvlX), but can also work with without that. This is somewhat ok combo with Swampert ex if you do not want to put the recycled Energys to your active fearing of its dying next turn, and on your nect turn move them to anyone you like at active. Moving fight energys give him even more options :wink:

    Hammer Arm:
    Hammer Arm is Pert's only attacks and may look bad, but it rly isnt just like that. 4 Energy Cost is high, but with Wash Out you can even pull a hit from a Swampert. 80 is good amoung of Damage, it OHKOs Magmortar. And if you see its effect bad for energy cost, it actually isnt at all. With little luck you can discard something like a rare candy or that much needed supporter your opponent so hopes.

    At glance Swampert is good and solid card, but just isnt that effective for the metagame. Still I think it will be used, even with some potential and succession. I like him now :smile:.


    Modified: 8.0

    Limited: 8.5 Somewhat useful. Hammer Arm effect thy can be devastating/failure depending on the luck.

    Unlimited: No-one plays it.
  15. Muscovy Level X

    Muscovy Level X New Member

    It seems ok, for a tech. I can't say that it'll be too useful, though. The ony cases where it would be realy useful is a: If Swamperts are all already in the deck b: With Latias delta ex and c: With Flygon delta.
    Overall, not bad.
  16. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    This is a great tech in a Fighting or Water deck that can be helped with the moving of energy. It's attack also isn't bad, should never be used as a main line, but a 2-1-2 tech is perfect.

  17. chriscobi634

    chriscobi634 New Member

    No offense, I think you do this every CotD review, but we can read the card. You simply stat what we already know, why not add more insight, like combos and the such.

    Mods it's not intended as bash but a simple tap on the shoulder.
  18. (TYranitarFReak)

    (TYranitarFReak) New Member

    It's power is the reason why you should use this card.

    But now there's no good water/fighting pokemon who has some power which allows you to attach :water:eek:r :fighting: energy from discard pile. Neither there's pokemon who discard :water: or :fighting: energy to do massive damage.
  19. Steve=0

    Steve=0 New Member

    When Regirock come out, Swampert may be more useful :S.
  20. Nevermore

    Nevermore New Member

    Ever heard of Solrock? It's an attack, but still.
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