2008-5-26 Aerodactyl - MD 015/100

Discussion in 'Card of the Day' started by PokePop, May 26, 2008.

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  1. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

  2. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Resistance can be useful. Pokebody is great and stacks, so you can put a bunch into play! Isn't stopped by Gardevoir's attack. Resistance is nice. Attack could be useful in a time of sheer desperation. It is a good card with plenty of potential to make a great metagame counter red face paint deck!
  3. Muscovy Level X

    Muscovy Level X New Member

    Did anyone see what I saw with the Poke-Body? You aren't limited to one a turn! You can do up do 80 damage without attacking!
  4. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    this is a great card. even greater next season because there will be no battle frontier.
    this season- 9/10
    next season- 10/10
  5. AnimeDDR110

    AnimeDDR110 New Member

    But its quickly stopped by lati-lock.

    I'll give it a 8/10. I would give it a 6/10, but on the card it doesn't say you can't use more than one per turn. That will also stop your opponent from using poke-powers if they don't wnana take damage counters. Attack really isn't helpful.
  6. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    I like this card alot, it goes great with Either Shiftry EX CG or Empos, it has Mass potiential with others too!

    I give it at least a 7.5/10, which is NOT a bad card at all!
  7. Riq

    Riq New Member


    Lati-Lock isnt really played much.

    9/10. the attack could be better but who needs to attack with aerodactyl!
  8. charchar

    charchar New Member

    its sometimes pretty beast while sometimes its really bad. its preety good. not teh best thoguh
    art 5/10
    play 6/10
  9. xgearsx

    xgearsx New Member

    If you put it into play useing Holon Fossil, which by the way is the fastest and best way to play it then its immune to battle frontier. this is an amazing card in any fossil deck.
  10. charchar

    charchar New Member

    true but u might want other fossils out. acually, i say 6.5/10 for play. thought about it for a tiny bit.
  11. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    this card is amazing, it disrupts the opponent so much

  12. charchar

    charchar New Member

    with one out its ok but with a bunch its really good...
  13. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    Would the Bodies Stack if you had 2 or more on your bench???

    That is FREAKING awesome than!!! Thanks MoP, I have ANOTHER Great idea!
    Last edited: May 26, 2008
  14. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    Yes they would.
    And Charchar, its never really bad, one out is more than ok, and "you might want other fossils out" isn't a good reason at all.

  15. poketo

    poketo New Member

    Hmmm.... Stopping the over activeness of most of the metagame in both limited and unlimited... I like the idea, and if this doesn't become a big red face paint then you need to get your head checked. 8/10
  16. tglilly

    tglilly New Member

    Aerodactyl is a good card. It's poke-body put 2 damage counters on a pokemon using a poke-power and can be stacked. With all the powers out there this card will make people think before they use there power. The sad thing is that you can't search for old amber with any search card out there and so you must have other ways to get it out. It has 80 hp wich is kind of low for a stage one in this format. Weakness to lightning is kind of bad but this pokemon is ment to sit on the bench. Resistance to fighting is good since gallade has to flip an extra prize to ko it. Retreat cost of one is ok where if it some how become active it can be easly brough back to the bench. It's attack Supersonic is decen cost but it's damage is bad and you have to flip to see if you confuse yoru opponet.
    I give it a 7/10 it's body is only good if your opponet use powers and it can be stacked but the fact that it's kind of hard to get it out hurt this card.
  17. bidoof

    bidoof New Member

    Good card good power good art

  18. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Aerodactyl is indeed a very nifty card. Statwise, it's solid at 80 HP for a Stage 1, +20 Weakness to Lightning (not very common), -20 Resistance to Fighting (nice considering G&G is still dominant) and 1 Energy to Retreat. Primal Claw is the only reason you would run this card, as it allows you to punish your opponent whenever they use a Poke-Power by placing 2 damage counters on it. You should never have to use Supersonic, his only attack, which costs 2 Colorless Energy for 30 damage and a chance for Confusion.

    Unfortunantly, unlike his fossil brothers, Aerodactyl gets the short end of the stick; because he evolves from Old Amber as opposed to a trainer with "Fossil" in the title, he cannot take advantage of many of the fossil-related support, including the main one Fossil Excavator. Though it's ironic that a "fossil" Pokemon like Aerodactyl clearly should be isn't, this just makes him all the harder to get out unless some cards are errata'ed.

    Modified - 7/10 (A good card with bad support)
    Limited - 4/10 (Unlikely that you'll be using his Poke-Body much, and there are better, easier options for a Stage 1 attacker)
    Unlimited - 1/10 (No use here)
  19. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    This is a very nice card. Punishes Powers which are quite common in this format. Combos good with Empo or Bronzong, which both go good with the Ampharos

  20. Hamster92

    Hamster92 New Member

    With 4 of it in play, a result of using Claydol's Cosmic Power, ends with opponent taking a Prize Card
    It isn't that har to get up 4 of Aerodactyl since its Stage 1
    Maybe play it with Relicanth (GE) as starter and Phione LV.23 to evolve all of the fossils
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