2013-06-30 PLF Hydreigon 078

Discussion in 'Card of the Day' started by waynegg, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

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    [gal=54740]2013-06-30 PLF Hydreigon 078[/gal]​
  2. pokedan24

    pokedan24 New Member


    Another "meh" card that's slightly redeemed by it's typing. Attacks are overpriced and don't do much damage, but both of those flaws can be fixed by the support it gets from it's typing. Fortunately, the attacks are useful in certain situations. Like catcher, Tractor beam can be used to either take a prize off a weakened bench pokemon or drag something active to buy time. Obsidian Fang's bonus effect gets around rock guard, eviolite, and foils float stone/Keldeo.

    Like 90% of the cards we review, it's nothing that's going to shake up the metagame, but this card at least gets a few tricks it can take advantage of.
  3. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    :lol: Agreed, but there should be an interesting ruling tidbit about how this card works...

    Tractorbeam should bring up the Tail Code vs Unown G ruling. With an Espeon active, targetting a benched pokmemon with Tractorbeam forces Espeon back to the bench, correct? The effect is on the benched pokemon, not Espeon.
  4. fawfulmark2

    fawfulmark2 New Member

    from what I get of the new Hydra Card, it seems to have a sot of phazing role-it's GOW-esque Tractorbeam is Ok for sniping a basic for a free kill or removing a late game threat, but that energy cost is pretty bad. Obsidian Fang can be a neat lil' counter to those nast Rocky helmets and Evoliotes, but also can be hampered by the energy amount. Add the heavy retreat cost and that it is a becoming less viable with each set stage 2 pokemon, and Hydreigon is kinda average compared to his more sandout incarnations like the Base Charizard like version from the B/W era.

    -Good Damage on Obsidian
    -Moves designed for disabling enemy setups

    -Attack and Retreat cost are kinda beefy
    -is a stage 2 with no real standout features

    Final score: 4/10.
  5. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    Need to add another review, this time about Obsidian Fang.

    Sounds like a cool attack to call out. Back in Neo Genesis, we first saw this effect as Plunder on a 40HP houndour. The review I saw back then regarded it as a good card, being able to remove pokemon tools, a new mechanic, like Focus Band and Gold Berry.

    Fast forward to now, even ignoring the attack's high cost, the effect is really hit or miss unless you're playing against a Garbodor. Pokemon tools are awkward right now. Evolite stopped seeing play and the swing shifted to Dark Claw, but decks can get along just fine without Tools so much so that Tool Scrapper isn't seen as necessary in most decks. Float Stone found its way into any deck that plays tools but just about everything else, Evolite, Giant Cape, Exp Share, faded out of use. Otaku would be better at elaborating on how the (un)popularity of tools makes "plunder"-effects and Tool Scrapper (un)necessary and that will weigh into the usefulness of this card.
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