2013-07-15 PLF Raticate 088

Discussion in 'Card of the Day' started by waynegg, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

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    [gal=54750]2013-07-15 PLF Raticate 088[/gal]​
  2. Ninja

    Ninja New Member

    Is a pretty decent card, would just be better if it was on a basic...

    5/10 :p
  3. The Pinecone

    The Pinecone New Member

    Plasma Raticate's first attack is his purpose. He is purely for set up/crutch. Grabbing a Plasma Energy, Plasma Pokemon AND Plasma Trainer is really good, and for just a single colorless energy. However this attack is on a weak 70HP Pokemon weak to fighting, and to make matters worse, evolves from a 40HP Pokemon weak to fighting. Transfer Junk is good, but not worth it on a Stage 1 in this format. This is a junk rare and is vastly inferior to the other Raticate in format (although both are intended to serve completely different roles). The artwork is pretty cool though, rats savaging in frozen city.

    Playability: (No / Somewhat / Yes)

  4. pokedan24

    pokedan24 New Member


    -Getting stuff back from the discard pile is never bad.
    -Free retreat is nice.

    -Bad second attack.
    -Horrible HP
    -Stage 1.

    Cool artwork though.
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