2015 Canadian National Championships June 27th-28th

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  1. Gengar16

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    Canadian National Championship Weekend

    This event is open to all players who are Canadian Residents and is run using the Swiss pairing format. The Canadian National Championship is a great place to show off the power of your decks strategy and showcase your play skills! The top players are awarded prizes for showcasing the skills needed to do well in such a large event.

    If you are using sleeves be sure they are all the same colour and size. Damaged sleeves will NOT be allowed for this event. Shiny backs or unapproved printed backed sleeves will also not be allowed.

    Canadian National Pokemon Trading Card Game Championship

    June 27-28

    Doors will open on Saturday and Player Check-in begins at 8:30 AM and will close at 9:30 AM. This will be strictly enforced.
    Tournament will start shortly after all players are registered.

    All players MUST, MUST, MUST register online PRIOR to the event date. THE LINK FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION ARE BELOW...

    Bingemans Funworx
    425 Bingemans Centre Drive
    Kitchener, ON. N2B 3X7

    We recommend using Google Maps for directions to this location.

    Modified Constructed. Best of 3, 50 minute swiss. Best of 3, top cut rounds.
    All Top Cut rounds for all age groups will be run as Standard.

    Juniors – (Born in 2004 or later) – FREE.
    Seniors – (Born in 2000 to 2003) - FREE
    Masters – (Born in 1999 and earlier) - $30 Cash Only

    Every player must provide us with a legible copy of their decklist PRIOR to close of registration. Anyone failing to turn in a decklist on time will be considered late and a round 1 game loss will be issued.

    *BONUS* If you bring a pre-printed decklist, you will receive a raffle ticket for an exclusive raffle!

    The Side event Station will host the following events... Events will start after we register 8 players for a particular event. We will continue taking signups until closing time.

    Saturday 10am - 5pm (Main Hall)
    Sunday 9am-3pm (Main Hall)

    $1,000+ Tournament
    Sunday – Registration 11:00
    Format: Standard Unsanctioned
    Type: Swiss - NO Top Cut
    Price: Free for Masters that participated in Nationals, $10.00 each for Juniors and Seniors and will receive 2 booster packs when they sign
    Prize: 1st place: 3 boxes or $250, 2nd place: 2 boxes or $150, 3rd and 4th: 1 box each, 5th place to 8th place: 18 booster packs each, 9th to 16th: 6 booster packs each. **Additional prizes will be handed out based on attendance**

    Win-a-Mat - Limited Availability!
    Format: Modified Sanctioned
    Type: 8 player, Single Elimination Tournament
    Price: $5.00

    Win-a-Box - Limited Availability!
    Format: Modified Sanctioned
    Type: 8 player, Best 2 out of 3, Single Elimination Tournament
    Price: $15.00 - each player receives one pack when they sign up
    Prize: Full Sealed Box of most current set

    Limited Draft
    Format: Limited Sanctioned
    Type: 8 player, Single Elimination Tournament
    Price: $15.00 for 4 pack Draft
    Prize: 1st place 4 Packs of most current set
    Players will Draft 4 booster packs of the newest set. Build 40 card decks, (energy will be provided).

    Saturday and Sunday - Registration
    Format: Modified Unsanctioned
    Type: Up to 8 team events (16 -24 players)
    Price: $10.00 per player ($20.00 - $30.00 per team)
    Prize: 1st place Team: 24 packs of newest set, 2nd place Team: 12 packs of newest set, 3rd and 4th: 3 packs of newest set. *Prizes set to change if 8 teams are not registered and will increase if there are 24 players total*

    Each team will consist of 2-3 players. Each player will be predetermined player A, B, or C. Teams will be sat at tables where player A's will play, Player B's will play and Player C's will play. They will be 30+3 rounds. The team that wins 2 of the 2 or 2 of the 3 matches will be declared the winner of that round. This event will be 3 rounds. TEAM MEMBERS MAY NOT ASSIST OTHER TEAM MEMBERS DURING THE MATCH!

    League Challenge
    Saturday and Sunday - Registration
    Format: Modified Sanctioned
    Type: Swiss - NO Top Cut
    Price: $5.00 all ages - Every player receives 1 booster pack at entry

    Premier VG Challenge
    Saturday - Registration 10:00am - 10:30am
    Prizes: Will vary based on age group and attendance

    While trading is fine, please note that buying from or selling cards to anyone except for our authorized dealer(s), or soliciting to do so elsewhere, is strictly forbidden at this event. Failure to obey this rule may result in both the buyer and the seller being removed from the event, and banned from attending future events.

    Skyfox Games also reserves the right to limit the amount of space being occupied by any one individual while trading, and does not allow the use of suitcases, handcarts, luggage carts, etc. to be used for the purpose of transporting excessive amounts of trade stock. We need to be considerate of all those around us.

    Players who want specific information can contact us at [email protected].

    All information is subject to change. Please send me a PM with any corrections needed to this post!
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  2. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    All Canadian Residence? Or is it actually an open event again?

    Also, do you have information on prizes for the main event?
  3. Gengar16

    Gengar16 Active Member

    It is open to all Canadian Residents as it is a Canadian National Championship.

    Pokemon has not released anything regarding the Canadian prizing structure yet. However, I think it might be very similar if not exact to other international nationals
  4. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    Just thought I'd clarify, it seems every year an American or two sneaks in without knowing any better =p

    It baffles me how TPCI hasn't released the prize structure for a tournament that's only 2 weeks away.
  5. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to inform those who will be attending, as well as those unable to attend, that the 2015 Canadian National Pokemon Championship will be live streamed through Twitch.tv courtesy of the streamer Kemony and myself. You can find her channel at:


    You can also check out her Youtube channel where you can watch the 2015 Ohio State Championship as well as the 2015 Ontario Regional Championship.


    We look forward to seeing everyone either in chat or at the event.


    P.S. For those of you attending, you can save time filling out a deck list by using the Pokegym Decklist Generator found here: http://pokegym.net/decklist/pokemon.htm
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  6. Joshdageek

    Joshdageek New Member

    Does anyone have the results of this tournament or can give me info to find it?

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