22nd Place California States w/LuxChomp

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Jaymin, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Jaymin

    Jaymin New Member

    For the last 8 months I've been playing Blaziken FB/Houndoom (prime). I did well at cities making a few top cuts with it. But because my deck did horribly against Vilegar I chose to go for speed and disruption instead with LuxChomp. I was worried that I had no playtesting whatsoever. I've been to one league once since cities has ended. Nevertheless I decided I would go to states one week before the event. I was determined to marshtomp the competition.

    My friend Derek was worried that LostGar would be dominating. I told him the standard meta would be there and not to expect LostGar showing up so early. So I bet him he wouldn't play a single LostGar that day. I borrowed his decklist for Luxchomp and took out the unnecessary LostGar techs and added more mirror techs to my list. I was reluctant to tech in Dragonite due to its high retreat but I did so anyway cuz I wasn't taking any chanseys.

    Round 1: LuxChomp vs Neder H. (???)
    I'm sitting at the last table near the seniors. Can't hear anything the judge is saying despite him using a mic. Once he's done talking everyone starts but me. My opponent never shows up and I get a win. Yay?

    Round 2: LuxChomp vs Danny M. (Luxchomp)
    He goes first flipping over a Bronzong to my Luxray. i have a DCE, E-Gain, Dragonite, and Cyrus in my hand. I just need to get a Crobat and I got this. He attaches call energy and screws up my plan. Darn. I start setting up my bench. He gets off to a slow start and calls again. My Garchomp is ready and I promote him to snipe his basic Garchomp. From there we exchange prizes with techs (ambipom, dragonite). I use Professor Oaks New Theory and screw myself up. I draw nothing but useless cards and not a single supporter. While I'm trying to recover he setups up a Garchomp and goes to town on me. I try to stall with ambipom moving two of his DCEs to his benched Smeargle. I can't get any energy out and my last option is to bright look his Bronzong. He has a decent sized hand because of Smeargle so he probably has a poke turn or a power spray in his hand. I look at his last prize and scoop.

    Cool, I have an 1 hour and a half for lunch. I pass the long line of hotdog enthusiasts and head to my car. I enjoy my sandwich that didn't cost me $7.

    Round 3: LuxChomp vs Caitlin C. (VileGar)
    Started out with Luxray to her Spiritomb. Don't remember much about the start of this match other then denying her Gloom from evolving with a Dragon Rush. I took 4-5 prizes before she sent out Gengar Prime and sent FIVE of my pokies to the Lost Zone in just two turns. I was pretty nervous after that but I topdecked a DCE and Dragon Rushed bench for the game.

    Round 4: LuxChomp vs Murat (LuxChomp)
    I wish I remembered his name it was cool sounding. He starts with Bronzong to my Dragonite. I Mach Blow while I setup. He can't get a Poke Turn and I take advantage of that with my Garchomp. He even tries to suicide with Galactic Switch but I spray it. He draws no supporters pretty much all game and takes only one prize. He started getting what he needed when time was called. He shakes my hand and scoops.

    Round 5: LuxChomp vs. ??? (???)
    Sorry I don't remember my opponents name. I won my first turn with a Garchomp, DCE, and E-Gain to his lone Houndour. Earthquake ftw.

    Round 6: LuxChomp vs Joe H. (Gardevoir/Machamp)
    I forget what I start with but he has Spirtomb active. My opening hand is torteribble. 3 Energy Gains, a Garchomp X, and no supporter. I go first and topdeck an energy gain. :mad: I can't do much and he takes the prize lead with a rainbow energy and Machamp. After he takes out two of my Luxrays and a Crobat. I bring up Uxie and level up. Attach DCE and Zen Blade. Next turn I go under with Psychic Restore. I finally catch up late game and Dragon Rush a couple of benched pokies, starting with a Kirlia with 3 energy on it. Teleportation Burst was annoying. He drops Azelf down for a prized Manectric making sure I can't do it again. He plays all these poke-powers I want to spray but he knows I can't because of his Spiritomb. He has one prize left and I have three when time is called. I Earthquake the crippled Spiritomb for the KO. He brings up Manectric then he Regi Moves with Regice but I spray it. He retreats and brings up a belted Gardervoir with no energy and passes. I draw the wonderful Poke Turn that I need and play down Aarons for a Crobat and a lightning energy. I Flash-Bite twice, retreat Garchomp, bring up Uxie, level up, Galactic Switch, attach lightning, and finally Zen Blade for the game.

    Round 7: LuxChomp vs ??? S. (VileGar/Mewtwo)
    This matchup was very confusing. It looked like standard VileGar at first so I chose to keep Luxray active to try and Bright Look Vileplume early. He collector and dropped Mewtwo and then I knew I was in trouble. I was trainer locked and couldn't easily retreat my Luxray. On top of that I couldn't attach an Energy Gain to Dragon Rush basic Mewtwo. I decided to just focus on getting out of the trainer lock. At one point I was ready to Bright Look Vileplume-retreat-Uxie-Zen Blade but he saw the pieces in my hand when he played Looker's and chose to refresh my hand. I was defeated at this point. He kept Psyburning for the win. I scooped when he had one prize left. Great match. Mewtwo was onix-pected.

    Round 8: LuxChomp vs Jerry D. (Blaziken/Blaziken FB)
    I loved playing against this guy back when I ran Blaziken Houndoom. Made for some real interesting matchups. So this is the last match and I really want to win this. He starts with Spiritomb against my Luxray. I go first, attach call, and call. :lol: He plays Collector for an Uxie, Torchic, and something else that I forget. He Darkness Graces for Combusken. I play Cyrus for a lightning energy, level up, and Flash Impact. I hate Spiritomb. After that I power spray anymore Uxies and an Azelf. He gets Blaziken FB lv X out with warp and attacks with Roserade GL. He Poison Binds my Luxray. I Trash Bolt next turn. He burns me with Blaziken's power then snipes my bench. Luxray is slowly dying from poison and burn. I retreat to snipe with Garchomp, picking off weak targets. My Garchomp is hit hard from the Blaziken combo and it dies from burn. I bring up my wounded Luxray and kill his Torchic after I Flash Bite his Roserade for a prize. He burns me and hits me with Uxie and it comes down to a burn flip. I flip heads and survive. :thumb: GG

    States was fun this year and I wanna thank my opponents for the great games.

    Judges and staff
    More players than last year
    Swiss rounds ending by 8:00pm
    Karissa for giving me Dragonite FB
    Winning $20 from Derek cuz of bet
    Not being tired despite waking up at 3am

    Giving up Luring Flame
    Late round 1 start
    Mics not working
    Missing top cut
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  2. PikaTheXIII

    PikaTheXIII New Member

    good job Jason! you did awesome! I hope i get to play you one day!
  3. Jaymin

    Jaymin New Member

    Thanks. We might get to play at Vegas :cool:
  4. Forte

    Forte New Member

    I had a very similar game to your round 5 xD
  5. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba New Member

    this guy

    gg round 2 :wink: and see you saturday!
  6. Clampoke

    Clampoke New Member

    Hey, I think I was your 4th round opponent, my name is Murat. I ended up going 6-2 and missing cut as well, lol
  7. BrightRush

    BrightRush New Member

    I went 6-2 getting 19th =[[[

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