2nd in Master at worlds w/DECKLIST :P

Discussion in 'World Championships' started by MPMichael, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. MPMichael

    MPMichael New Member

    I Wrote this through my fathers account, because I don’t have my own user yet.
    This is my first report, hope you will enjoy it.

    At this years worlds I chose to play with my national championship deck (Flygon ex (lm).
    First let me emphasize that my deck is NOT a US copy deck. I made the deck around the release of EX Legend Maker, and played the deck at the Danish national 2006 (w. Pidgeot as engine) and won. After the rotation (DX-on) I switched my Pidgeot engine with Magcargo, and after the DF release I decided to run both Cargo & Queen. I modified the deck over and over, and in the season of 2007 I won 4 CC, 1 Regional and the National. I decided to play it at worlds too, after a lot of play-testing against the metagame and a few modifications. (So did 4 other players from Denmark). 4 out of 5 Flygon (lm) from Denmark made it to T16, and the last one was out, due to tiebreak.
    There has been a big discussion here on the Gym about the build, so now I’ll post my worlds list.

    POKÈMON: 22
    4x Trapinch (hp)
    2x Vibrava (hp)
    3x Flygon ex (lm)
    2x Nidoran (f) (df)
    2x Nidoqueen (df)
    2x Slugma (dx)
    2x Magcargo (dx) (smooth over)
    4x Holon’s Castform (hp)
    1x Holon’s Magnemite (ds)

    TRAINERS: 27
    4x Holon Transciever
    2x Holon Mentor
    1x Holon Scientist
    1x Holon Adventurer
    1x Holon Farmer
    1x Holon Researcher
    3x Tv Reporter
    4x Rare Candy
    2x Plus Power
    2x Giant Stump
    3x Windstorm
    2x Warp Point
    1x Switch

    ENERGIES: 11
    4x Boost Energy
    3x Rainbow Energy
    3x React Energy
    1x Lightning Energy

    The reason to run those 2 (Cargo & Queen):
    Cargo grabs what ever you need, and together with TV Reporter and the Holon Engine it is indispensable for the deck to run perfect.
    Queen, besides grabbing Pokémon, Nidoqueen is a great attacker (especially against “Safeguard”). Often cargo gets the candy and queen the Flygon for the next energy boost.

    Magnemite I use as the always needed T1 energy (I only run 7 energies that can be attached to casty). I chose this one over Voltorb, because of its weakness and attack.
    Trapinch (grass) I chose over the psychic one, because of its 10 extra HP. Trapinch can at the same time lock a T1 Latios ex or Beldum to prevent them from setting up.
    Holon’s Castform is both used for the quick set up, and as the energy. Return 2 boost from the discard pile to Flygon and attach a Castform. (2 turns with 100 damage). And it is mentorable. The weak spot with this Pokémon is MARIO and other fighting Pokémon, but mostly I start with 2 or more Basic.
    The Holon Engine and TV Reporter is enough to discard the necessary energy for Flygon.
    Plus power (earlier Strenght Charm) is in there for Ray ex and Latios ex (attach to queen).
    Giant stump I mostly use to remove my damaged Flygons.
    The React Energies are important against Bandoom w. crystal beach, and also against Pokémon with 120 – 130 HP, so Flygon still OHKO those ones.

    I also tried different techs in the deck:
    Varpeon* - Against Flariados (and R-Gon)
    Ray ex - Helped a lot against metanite

    Round 1 – Jeroen Robert (BE) w/Electanite
    I got a Castform setup. He T3 KO my Castform with Meganium (d). I evolve to Flygon and deal 40 damage. Late he grabs for a Ray* for the Flygon KO. A new Gon kills Ray*. Prizes are down to 1-1. He uses Farmer to get the Ray* in the deck, but needed Meganium to grab Ray*, he send out Dragonite for agility… Tails FTW.
    God, close game, thanks Jeroen.

    Round 2 - Chris Fulop (US) w/Speed Spread (god game against nice guy)
    Can’t remember much of this game (sorry Chris). Thinks he got a bad setup, but came in front with 2-3 prizes. Finally I get a Flygon ex and take out his EX’s. Jirachi ex stalled my Gon a bit, but was gone in 2 turns.

    Round 3 - Tsuguyoshi Yamato (JP) w/Empoleon + 1 Ape
    I got a bad setup, and he started with a lone corsola. I stalled the game a bit by using Tail Whip. He gets empoleon + CC and takes out my Nidoran. I remove CC with windstorm and use Magcargo, but to late. Cursed stone is played, and I only have Cargo + Trapinch left. End.

    Lunch Break

    Round 4 - Jason Windham (AU) w/R-Gon
    We both open fast, but I’m in a prize lead. He uses Latios ex in 3 turns to stall, retreated Flygon, stumped flygon and finally I can attack with queen with PP for the KO. 2-4 on prices and I fell like I’m in control of the game. He sends out flygon ex (d) and KO queen. Another flygon (lm) FTW. Later I found out he’s Trecko was prized, that Sceptile might have made the match more difficult.

    Round 5 - John Kettler (US) w/FlyCatty
    He uses Trapinch (pk) to deal 40 damage to my castform T1, I Mentor + Delta Draw. He evolves to vibrava and KO Casty. I play candy, flygon and boost for the KO. He couldn’t get up the Flygon and sacrifices another Pokémon. He Energy Drawed like crazy, but Gon Vs. Gon in front with 2 prices is the key. Game.

    Round 6 - Sami Sekkoum (UK) w/Eeveelutions
    My tiebreak was pretty high, and even a lost match would get me to T16.
    The game is long and close, and he uses umbreon to drag out my cargo. His Ray ex damages my Flygon ex. I have an active magcargo, benched trapinch, Queen, flygon w 100 damage. I play another basic to stump away the damage flygon. Attaches a magnemite to cargo and 10 damage. He does a lot of thinking, and hits my queen. Attaches castform to cargo, another 10. he kills queen. Attaches magnemite to cargo and retreat for trapinch. Candy to Flygon and grab a rainbow & lightning from discard pile. 40 to Ray ex. He retreats. But game is mine.
    Close one Sami

    With a score of 5-1 and a high tie-break I’m ready for the finals as number 3.

    Next day.

    Top16 - Alex Brosseau (US) w/Banette & Lucario
    Game 1:
    He gets a quick Banette and kills everything I send in his way.
    Game 2:
    He starts with Riolu, I’m starting with a lone Trapinch (he hoped for a castform). 30 damage to Trapinch. Mentor, Switch and Delta draw. He evolves to Lucario a KO both Trapinch and Castform – DoH! Trapinch out evolve to Vibrava and pass. He tries to build up a Banette on the bench, and 30 to Vibrava with Lucario. I evolve to Flygon for the KO. Flygon is on 30 so he plays Jolteon* and uses Shady move – Flygon on 50. attaches strength charm to Banette. Flygon is gone. 5-2 on prices, but that didn’t take me out, another Flygon KO Banette. He has no energy on his benched Pokémon – my luck. Shuppet out, buffer Piece and he uses ascension for Banette ex. Attaches PP and Boost to flygon for the KO. He gives up.
    Game 3:
    He starts with Jolteon*. Both decks setup slow, but in the end I pulled it off.

    Top8 - Sami Sekkoum (UK) w/Eeveelutions
    Game 1:
    He starts with solrock and grabs a lunatone. Time for my setup with mentor and delta draw. He retreats and uses Moon Guidiance to fetch a trans. I T2 Flygon for 40 to Lunatone. He searches for another trans. I KO lunatone. Game went my way.
    Game 2:
    A bit like the first game, but with better start for him.

    Top4 - Yuki Akimura (JP) w/T2 Scizor ex
    He gets his quick Scizor and KO 2 Pokémon. Can’t remember much. Last he has 2 prices and one fresh scizor he uses cyclone energy. After a while I decided to put out magcargo. He KO it. Trapinch out. Rare Candy, Flygon, 2 energies + Boost, play 2 PP FTW.
    A close game, down to 1-1 prize. My turn with queen active, but no drawing cards. PP on top with cargo. Queen damage Scizor to 110. and LOST.
    I T2 kill his active scyther with Flygon (lightning and react attached = 70). Another close game but he had one scyther prized and that gave me the advantage, and I pulled it off.

    Final - Tom Roos (FI) w/speed Spread
    I’ll go first. He starts with Absol. I T2 kill his Absol with Flygon. He sends out Ray ex. Boost to Flygon and a PP – KO Ray. He sends out jolteon ex and passes. Boost to Flygon and Game.
    He starts with Jirachi ex and uses shield beam T2. Adventurer is prized and there is not much I can do.
    He starts with mew ex, and shield beam T2. My start is really bad. Castform, Trapinch, Vibrava, windstorm, Warp point x2 and switch. I sacrificed 4 Pokémon before my queen gets up. Boost to queen, mew is gone. Jirachi out, shield beam. Boost to queen, needed to stump my benched nidoran with 10 damage, but couldn’t. Jirachi gone. 2-2 prizes. He plays out another mew ex, jolteon ex on bench for 10 damage, Absol ex 30 from vibrava to nidoran – gone, and he kills queen. Game
    Good games. Not much to do, but Tom, you earned it. Cya in Florida.

    5 Danish players in top 16 (4 with flygon lm)
    2nd place
    Great games against great people
    The Danish Team
    Alan (Brasil)
    Judges (not a single penalty to me c”,)
    See familiar face once again

    To many bad Starts
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  2. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Very cool, and definately a deck no one thought would be a threat. GJ on winning 2nd.
  3. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    GJ Steffen. You're my hero!! <3 LOL! ;D

    What did Tais and Tony play?
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2007
  4. afirule

    afirule New Member

    Well done mate on making it an all Europe final! :biggrin:
    Deck originality ftw! :biggrin:
  5. Dom

    Dom New Member

    Incredible achievement, and especially since you played some great players all along the way, big names pretty much every round.

    Congrats =D

    I really didn't see the potential of this deck beforehand, thought 100 damage wouldn't really be enough but when you can pull it off so easily, quickly and consistently it becomes lethal. Nice. I like the Cargo/Queen idea, I guess sometimes you just need to grab more stuff than 1 or the other can at a time, having more search never hurts. And Queen's attack being Boostable is really neat.
  6. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    I gotta say, that is one deck that I'm glad to see do REALLY well. I myself was a fan of Flygon ex, just never really got it to work for me. =(
    Very nice job.
  7. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    Way to go!

    I used Cargo in Mewtrick to good effect also, but never to this level.

    You deserve every ounce of glory. Enjoy!
  8. kiwill

    kiwill New Member

    Great job steffen!
    It's a pitty french nationals are now closed to foreigners, I'd love to play against you again :p
  9. doctormcdreamy

    doctormcdreamy New Member

    good report. and good job.
  10. celeni

    celeni New Member

    is it just me or is alot of people skimping on countergyms and pokemon search,(elms, celios,etc.) i know that nothing but cessation can stop both queen and magcargo. i dont know lack of counter gyms comboed with lack of search. its possible very luck based. i dont know i shouldnt be talking, i put in these things because i have bad luck.
  11. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Do I smell sour grapes?
  12. Dom

    Dom New Member

    IDK there's only 3 Windstorms & 2 Mentors, 1 Researcher, Queen to find everything else? Its v. risky but... it worked, lol 2nd at Worlds, can't really argue w/ that.
  13. MPMichael

    MPMichael New Member

    First of all thanks for the nice replies.
    The reason I only run 2 stadiums and 3 windstorms is, that I know which kind of deck playing the CC.
    Most of the Pokémon I can OHKO with flygon, so mostly I normal have to use 1 windstorm to bring up flygon. They can't OHKO me, so... once Flygon is gone, i can do another windstorm. In those
    decks they also run cursed stone, but the key is to be patient, and later stump the damaged Pokémon. OR remove Cursed stone together with CC.

    That I only run 1 Pokémon search card (Holon Researcer), is that I can fetch Nidoqueen (and some vibravas). Once Queen is up I don't need any search card (excep maybe against Jirachi ex

    Tony played with the same Flygon Deck. Tais Played in the Grinder. The Idea was, that he would play my flygon, but I told him that I didn't think it was such a good Idea to reveal the SD in the
    Grinder, because there were 5 players, who wanted to play it at worlds.
    He then chosed to play with variant of my Sceptile ex deck, which had won 2 regionals in DK. (Basicly we played the same cards, but I told him to modified it a bit the night before the Grinder).
    He went 5-1 in the Grinder, really nice job. Later he played Top16 in worlds with that deck.

    Steffen S. From
  14. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    GJ Steffen. I saw that finals match. Tough luck there, but good job getting 2nd.

  15. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    It was me who asked, not celeni.. :)
    I was surprised that Tais did so well. Very good job by him.

    By the way, do you/Micheal know when the BRs starts?
  16. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    That is great for you. And thank you for giving props to Jeroen Robert. electivire needs it! XD.

    I'll be rooting for you next August.
  17. NoPoke

    NoPoke Active Member

    Congrats Steffen... it was a pleasure to watch you play.
  18. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    Congrats for making top 2. You pulled it off and it worked. kudos
  19. Tego

    Tego New Member

    You've come a long way since I met you the first time at the semifinal of the 612 player STS Qualifier's 11-14 playoff. As far as the Worlds final is further than anyone I've ever met in Scandinavia, and you've written Pokémon history by bringing Denmark to the top 2. I applaud you for this incredible achievement and am looking forward to seeing you in Orlando next year. (You've already got the trip ready, that's so awesome. :D)
  20. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    congratz. that first game vs roos went so quick lol.
    it was like boost flygon ko, next turn boost ko, next turn boost ko game.

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